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Cannabis is legal, but Vancouver’s 60,000-strong 4/20 event still an outlaw (ED, SPH)

As some 60,000 people flooded the grounds of Vancouver’s Sunset Beach and plumes of marijuana smoke rose from the crowd, John Coupar wandered the periphery of the unsanctioned 4/20 event and surveyed the assembly with disapproval.

Vancouver council must choose between saving $200-million or 1,000 jobs with new arterial road (New SPH)

Vancouver’s Cottonwood Community Gardens is not a typical community garden space where raised beds line up in neat rows and space for fruit trees is set off to one side.

City tests out new community consultation for contentious roadway (New SPH)

As the City of Vancouver prepares for a future without the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts, staff are considering options to divert traffic from residential areas in Strathcona, but exactly where to put a new road through the neighbourhood has been contentious.

Clean-up begins on Sunset Beach after massive 4-20 Vancouver celebrations (ED, SPH)

As the smoke clears from Sunset Beach following Saturday’s 4-20 celebrations in Vancouver, organizers and city staff are taking stock of the aftermath.

Vancouver program paving the way in addiction training for health-care workers (Dr. Evan Wood, BCCSU)

Vancouver-based program has grown into North America's largest addiction medicine training program only six years into its run.

Mike Smyth: Time for Vancouver to just give 4/20 organizers their damn permit (ED, SPH)

Whether you call it a protest, a festival, a “protestival” or just Vancouver’s biggest-ever pot party, one thing is for sure: The annual 4/20 extravaganza gets bigger every year, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Panel recommends route for future major road connecting East Vancouver, downtown (New SPH)

A community panel has made its recommendation for a new arterial road to punch through the northern False Creek Flats.

Massive turnout at first Vancouver 4/20 event since legalization (ED, SPH)

The first 4/20 event since recreational marijuana was legalized across Canada brought tens of thousands of people to Vancouver's Sunset Beach Park for the annual smoke-in.

4/20 rally: ER doctors bracing for influx of people Saturday (ED, SPH)

Every year on April 20, the emergency room at St. Paul’s Hospital is flooded with dozens of people who have over-indulged at the 4/20 event at Sunset Beach.

St. Paul's Hospital treats dozens after Vancouver 4/20 event (ED, SPH)

More than 60,000 people made their way to Sunset Beach Saturday for the first Vancouver 4/20 event since marijuana was legalized in Canada last year.


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