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B.C. doctors look to Portugal for drug decriminalization lessons (BCCSU)

Thousands of health officials and advocates, including top B.C. doctors, are gathered in Portugal this week to talk about addressing the overdose crisis though decriminalization.

Drug activist wants users to mail him samples for testing (BCCSU)

Many people know Dana Larsen as a dispensary owner and one of the organizers of 4/20 Vancouver, but now the long-time cannabis activist is launching a new service aimed at users of harder drugs.

B.C. NDP government adjusts labour code, tipping balance in workers’ favour (SPH)

British Columbia’s NDP government plans to make substantive changes to the province’s labour code, saying new rules will provide greater protections for workers, including more job security for thousands earning low wages caring for the elderly, cleaning and cooking.

B.C. touts success of new MRI strategy but lacks wait time proof (MRI, SPH)

B.C.’s health minister is touting the success of his strategy to expand the number of MRI scans done in the province, but can’t definitively show that it has reduced waiting times for the diagnostic procedure.

Sernova Corp has a huge upside, Echelon Wealth says (Dr. Sam Wiseman)

A just-announced R&D collaboration involving Sernova Corporation (Sernova Corporation Stock Quote, Chart TSXV:SVA) is a solid advance for the regenerative medicine tech company, says Echelon Wealth Partners analyst Douglas Loe.

Trifecta of residential, office and industrial coming to Main Street and 1st Avenue (New SPH)

Very few mixed-use redevelopment projects accomplish the complete trifecta of building uses: residential, commercial, and industrial.

Doctors contend surgery delays are worse after B.C. government-mandated compliance letters (Dr. Amin Javer, SPH)

Patients are waiting even longer for operations like sinus or breast reconstruction because of the latest government crackdown on private clinics and the surgeons working in them, according to affidavits filed in court.

Diabetes and Insulin Treatment Adds to CF Burden and Ways Are Needed to Ease It (CFRD, SPH)

Having to take insulin to treat cystic fibrosis-related diabetes (CFRD) adds to patient distress and sense of a poorer quality of life, a study says, alerting experts to a need to find approaches that might ease this burden.

False Creek Flats edges towards reconfigured arterial road (New SPH)

A Vancouver neighbourhood is reconfiguring its transportation options to better preserve its character while maintaining commercial trade and vehicle mobility.

B.C. extends presumptive PTSD coverage to dispatchers, nurses, health care aids

B.C. is extending “presumptive coverage” to emergency dispatchers, nurses, and health-care aids, meaning they’ll be able to get workers’ compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental injuries without having to prove their condition was caused by their work.


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