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MRI wait times fall sharply after government boosts scans (MRI, SPH)

Wait times for MRIs across the province have fallen sharply during the past year after government boosted the number of scans, according to provincial data.

Hiker suffering heart attack safely rescued from BCMC Trail (ED, SPH)

A hiker that suffered a heart attack on Grouse Mountain’s BCMC Trail is safe, thanks to joint efforts from North Shore emergency responders.

Less invasive heart procedure performed on Mick Jagger now being done at HSN (Dr. John Webb, SPH)

Whether they know it or not, dozens of Northern Ontario heart patients have something special in common with Mick Jagger, the world famous front man for The Rolling Stones. 

Man thanks paramedic who saved his life on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside a year ago (SPH)

Life caught up with Michael Leland right around this time last year.

Real estate company says interest is high in St. Paul's Hospital site (New SPH)

The company assigned to sell Vancouver’s St. Paul’s hospital site says interest in the property has been strong, since it went on the market a couple of months ago.

Antiretroviral drugs stop HIV transmission, study shows — but can people afford them (Dr. Aslam Anis, CHÉOS)

The risk of passing on the HIV virus is completely eliminated by antiretroviral drugs, a landmark study found, meaning the global pandemic that has killed nearly 35.4 million people may have an end in sight.

Alleged HIV/AIDS privacy breach could become class-action suit (PHC)

A Vancouver-based HIV/AIDS organization is facing a class-action suit for breach of privacy after an alleged release of email addresses of 800 of its members via a September 2016 mass email.

Strategy 'dramatically exceeds' target for more MRI exams in B.C. (MRI, SPH)

Almost 44,000 more specialized diagnostic exams have been completed across British Columbia in the first year of a new health care strategy and Health Minister Adrian Dix says that amounts to an “extraordinary achievement.”

British Columbia performs more MRIs than expected, but still doesn’t have wait-time data (MRI, PHC)

The B.C. government has done more MRIs this year than expected, but still doesn’t have figures on how long patients are waiting for them.

Alcohol, not opioids, is Canada's biggest drug problem (BCCSU)

With so much focus on illicit drugs and overdose deaths, it might seem that opioids are the biggest addictions problem. Far from it.


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