Mental Health

Some mental health services to return to Riverview hospital, minister says (Dr. Michael Krausz, Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences)

New mental health services will be part of a re-imagined government plan for the old Riverview mental hospital next year, says B.C.’s housing minister.

Residents raise the alarm over youth recovery house opening in East Vancouver neighbourhood (Providence Health Care)

Renfrew Heights residents says they are outraged about a plan to put a recovery house in their quiet neighbourhood.

Some psychiatric drugs triple the risk of stroke: study (Dr. Stephen Fitzpatrick)

Medications used to treat major mental illnesses double the risk of heart attack and triple the risk of stroke, according to research presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver this weekend.

Vancouver hospital demonstrates how to deliver psychological first aid during a major crisis (Dr. Suja Srikameswaran)

In a Code Orange — where mass casualties arise from an earthquake, shipping accident, plane crash, terrorist attack, bridge collapse or other disaster — hospital emergency-response planners expect those with extreme psychological distress may outnumber the physically injured by as much as four to one.

A year after Vancouver declares mental health crisis, cases continue to climb (St. Paul's Hospital)

Theresa Pratt sits at her dining table and lights a cigarette, the flicker of the flame briefly illuminating her otherwise dim apartment.

Flood of drug overdoses in Vancouver underscores need for greater outreach (Dr. Steve Mathias)

A flood of drug overdoses at Vancouver’s supervised injection site is being blamed on fentanyl, a highly dangerous substance that looks like heroin and which is increasingly being sold on the streets.

Fred Lee's Social Network: October 5 (St. Paul's Hospital Foundation)

Hundreds filed into the historic Commodore Ballroom to show their love for mental health.

Improvements reported on treating mentally ill in emergency rooms (Dr. Bill MacEwan)

Two years after an external review found major problems with how the mentally ill and drug addicts are treated in Vancouver emergency rooms, local health authorities are reporting significant improvements.

Town Talk (St. Paul's Hospital Foundation)

Brilliant! was a third annual show that ran September 27 in the Commodore Ballroom, the day former owner Drew Burns died.

Random stabbing by mentally ill man leads to innovations in dealing with complex patients (Dr. Bill MacEwan)

A new report responding to a 2012 review of Metro Vancouver’s emergency and health care services shows notable decreases in violent offences, street disorder and negative police interactions — including a 49 per cent decrease in arrests made under the Mental Health Act — among the mentally challenged and addicted.


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