“I've had 31 years that I should have never had” (Dr. David Landsberg, St. Paul's Hospital)

Kelly Johnston has been living on borrowed time for the last 30 years.

Nanaimo man makes full recovery after receiving kidney from wife (St. Paul's Hospital)

Earlier this year, Terry Picard discovered the kidney donor he desperately needed had been right next to him for over 30 years.

Friend, can you spare a kidney? (St. Paul's Hospital)

From a friendship which developed more than 25 years ago working together in a Vancouver law firm, Jean Bell and Sue McKeeman never imagined years later they would share more than life’s milestones together—they would share the gift of a kidney.

The friends, now both Comox Valley residents, went through a truly life-saving experience when McKeeman and Bell entered the paired-exchange program through the BC Kidney Foundation.

“If you’ve got a healthy pair, why not?” said McKeeman about her participation and kidney donation to the program.

Website brings help to chronic disease sufferers

A new website is helping patients with two or more chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart, kidney or lung disease, monitor their health from home.

Link found between wealth and living kidney donation rates

While cultural differences have often been cited as a barrier to living kidney donation in certain racial and ethnic groups, Dr. Jagbir Gill and his colleagues have found a strong correlation between median household income and living kidney donation, with significantly lower rates of living donation in lower income populations, irrespective of race.

Socioeconomic factors, not culture, the culprit to low living kidney donations

Friday, August 30, 2013, Vancouver BC – A new study by a St. Paul’s Hospital transplant nephrologist finds socioeconomic status supersedes cultural factors as it relates to living kidney donation.  The study, published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), examined living kidney donation rates in the African American and White populations in the United States (US).

Rare double transplant performed at St. Paul's Hospital

Doctors at St. Paul's Hospital performed a rare heart and kidney on the same patient, with both organs coming from a single donor.

Doctors at St. Paul's Hospital performed a rare heart and kidney transplant on the same patient, with both organs coming from a single donor.

Kidney dialysis treatment

A study based at St. Paul’s Hospital shows the more patients are involved in their kidney dialysis treatment, the better the outcome. Elaine Yong explains.

St Paul’s medical milestone

Thu, Aug 1 – St. Paul’s hospital in Vancouver celebrated a transplant milestone today … kidney transplant number 2000. Linda Aylesworth reports. 

The Night Shift

first incentre dialysis program in BC

The first in-centre nocturnal dialysis program in B.C., currently being piloted at St. Paul’s Hospital, holds promise as a real life-changer for kidney patients.


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