Kelowna senior donates her kidney to save a life

Kelowna resident Traude Robertson looks upon reaching her 70s as making it to the final chapter of her life.

Desperate attempt for kidney pushes Kelowna man's search overseas (Dr. David Landsberg)

A 32-year-old Kelowna man with a history of what doctors call “bad luck” is making one last desperate attempt to find a kidney match. Jes Jaswal, who has lived more than half his life with no kidneys, is expanding his search to India and China.

Diabetes Canada adopts prevention model touted by AIDS researcher Julio Montaner

Diabetes Canada is adopting a diagnosis-and-treatment model of prevention pioneered by Vancouver-based AIDS researcher Dr. Julio Montaner.

Unlocking a long-held secret reunites a family — and saves a man's life

This story spans more than three-quarters of a century and includes a deeply hidden family secret that was discovered just in time to turn a tragedy into a miracle.

Friends, family rally for McFarland

Margaret McFarland can’t blink back the tears when talking about her young sister, Michelle Oyer of Kamloops.

Nanaimo mom gets a gift of life for Mother’s Day

Most mothers get a flower basket and taken out for breakfast by their kids on Mother’s Day, but one Nanaimo mom will get a life-saving gift from her son.

Gift of kidney “overwhelming” (St. Paul's Hospital)

When Pam Easton heard her long-time friend Dale Langford was on dialysis and in need of a kidney, she didn't hesitate to offer hers.

Ultimate act of charity (St. Paul's Hospital)

As a kidney donor recipient, Dustin Burnham has been the benefactor from what he calls the ultimate selfless act—organ donation.

Organ transplant rate has climbed steadily in B.C. (Dr. David Landsberg)

George Keulen was 28 years old when he was told he had only a few months to live. The cystic fibrosis he had been battling his entire life was taking over, leaving him unable to walk more than 20 steps without gasping for breath.

B.C. transplant specialist says drug overdose organ donors on the rise (Dr. David Landsberg)

There has been a spike in the proportion of organs coming from donors who have died of drug overdoses in British Columbia, says a leading transplant specialist.


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