Listen to Dr. Aslam Anis on Roundhouse Radio

An estimated 75, 500 people in Canada are living with HIV and the epidemic is concentrated in specific populations according to a statistics from the CTN. Dr. Aslam Anis, Director Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences (CHÉOS) and National Director CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN) joins Kirk to discuss the numbers

Don’t criminalize people on HIV treatment (Dr. Julio Montaner and Dr. Kora DeBeck)

The emergence of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the 1980s was a traumatizing and terrifying time in modern history. The first public and political reactions were exploited by elected officials, often for political gain and by homophobic groups to further stigmatize and marginalize the gay community.

To win the fight against AIDS, we must end the war on drugs (Dr. Julio Montaner and Dr. Kora DeBeck)

There is much to celebrate: the end of AIDS may be in sight.

Where Vancouver leads in LGBT progress: Local health professionals are at the world's forefront (Dr. Julio Montaner)

When it comes to LGBT health, Vancouver has been and continues to be at the forefront of medical developments, socially progressive initiatives, and humane responses in the face of discrimination.

B.C. residents at risk of contracting HIV turn to online buyer's club to afford pricey lifesaving drug (Dr. Mark Hull)

B.C. residents at risk of contracting HIV. are turning to an online buyer's club to help them afford an anti-HIV drug that costs $1,000 a month and isn't covered by the provincial drug plan.

Canada 150: Dr. Julio Montaner's AIDS research helped save lives around the world

To mark Canada’s 150th birthday, we are counting down to Canada Day with profiles of 150 noteworthy British Columbians.

Vancouver's Julio Montaner to receive $100,000 Killam Prize for groundbreaking lifetime work in HIV/AIDS research

One of the world's leading HIV/AIDS researchers, who is from Vancouver, will be among this year's recipients of the Killam Prize.

B.C. HIV/AIDS researcher among winners of $100,000 Killam Prize (Dr. Julio Montaner)

Leading HIV/AIDS researcher Julio Montaner is among a group of scientists, writers, doctors and researchers receiving a prestigious prize for brilliant work in fields including health sciences, engineering and humanities.

'His work contributed to saving millions of lives': Trailblazing Canadian HIV/AIDS researcher, 71, dies of an asthma attack while swimming in Florida (Dr. Julio Montaner)

A Canadian HIV/AIDS researcher died of an asthma attack while swimming off a Florida beach on a family vacation.

Pioneering Canadian HIV/AIDS researcher Mark Wainberg dies in Florida (Dr. Julio Montaner)

Mark Wainberg, a Canadian researcher who helped revolutionize the world’s understanding of HIV-AIDS at a scientific, medical and political level, has died unexpectedly.


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