Brenda McKnight, Physiotherapy Site Leader, Holy Family Hospital

Whether it’s simply being able to go home with supports or walking independently again, many patients in Holy Family Hospital’s Rehabilitation Centre face tough roads ahead. Physiotherapist Brenda McKnight has watched countless people achieve their goals.

“We have success with a lot of our patients; a lot of them do improve and overcome tremendous hurdles. If somebody is motived and has family support, they often do really well despite their physical limitations,” says Brenda, who’s worked with Providence Health Care for over 15 years.

Sarah Irving - Peer Support Worker, Inner City Youth Program

“I have had my own experience with mental health and I know how tough it can be. After I became well, I was incredibly inspired to give back to the field and people that gave so much to me.”

Eric Starr — RN, Intensive Care Unit


From a hush that’s conducive to recovery to a sense of urgency when patients need it most, Eric Starr says the Intensive Care Unit at St. Paul’s Hospital is never the same from day to day.

“Some days you’re run off your feet, and other days are a little more quiet,” says Eric, a registered nurse who has worked at St. Paul’s for over nine years. He chose St. Paul’s for its staff, patients and culture of caring; he says staff take the time to interact with patients.

Rubina Mahal, Recruitment Advisor, Human Resources

“I recently spoke with a new grad nurse who had life before nursing. She worked for a number of community organizations and had a wealth of community-based experience. When I asked her why she thought she was still unemployed, she commented many health authorities saw her previous experience intimidating or that she was over qualified for new grad positions. In speaking with her, I was intrigued by her previous experience and thought it would be silly to pass her up. I sent her resume to a few operations leaders who also saw the potential. PHC benefited greatly. I can’t wait to see what she does.”


Carol with her co-instructor

 “When you have trouble articulating your feelings, you can still use a crayon to express yourself. A lot of the people here have dementia or have had a stroke and are dealing with a lot of frustrations and sadness. Instead of staying stuck in a place of, ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do that,’ Artworks helps us to show these guys, ‘but you can do art and you can be really good at it.’”

Cindy Lawlor - Operations Leader, Heart Centre

“The recognition and support of my mentors, supervisors, and managers here at St. Paul's nurtured my growth as a leader which has helped take me to where I am today.”

Neil Fowler, Program Assistant: HIV/AIDS & Aboriginal Health

“Coming into health care after 20 years in another industry was a bit intimidating at first. I was a bit worried about not being accepted into a clinical environment, and that my skills would be under-utilized. I very quickly realized, however, that people really are all the same everywhere, and as long as you work hard, others will appreciate you, and value your contributions to the team.”

Laurie Fraser - Clinical Nurse Leader, Emergency Department

“Working here means I get to see everything – babies being born, families dealing with the loss of loved ones and everything in between. I’m honoured and privileged to be allowed in people’s lives.”

Alice Chan – Clinical Nurse Specialist, Mental Health

This week’s meet & greet coincides with World Suicide Prevention Day, so Alice was a natural choice, but we also wanted to include a patient’s perspective on the topic. Jude was treated at St Paul’s after his suicide attempt and now works in the community as a Peer Support Worker with Vancouver Coastal Health.

Kristen Wald - RN, Mental Health Case Coordinator

“I find it really inspiring that a lot of the youth I meet with have been through the most challenging circumstances but they are still able to meet with us and work on goals, such as wanting to go back to school”.


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