Flavia Mandic - Clinical Care Analyst

“For anybody looking at making a change from being a front line nurse I’d want them to know that even though you aren’t working with patients at the bed side you can still play an important role in their care.”


“We come in and ask relevant questions to help stimulate ethical reflection. To give people a way, a process for thinking about the problems they’re confronting.”

Dianne Doyle - President and Chief Executive Officer

Leadership isn’t about the position, it’s about behavior; anybody can be a leader at any time, in any situation. No matter what your title is, there will always be opportunities to develop your leadership skills and to put them into action.

Talena Hale - Clinical Nurse Leader, Acute Behavioral Stabilization Unit (ABSU)

Talena (left) and Rubina Khan of the ABSU

“Patients rarely exist in isolation. He or she is part of a system which includes family and friends. Taking a moment to say to a family member, 'your loved one is safe now, you can go and rest,' can relieve a lot of tension from that system.”

Cindy Taylor - Rehab Assistant, St. Vincent’s: Brock Fahrni

“While I got my start at George Derby Centre, I’ve worked with elders at Providence Health Care for 29 years. I didn’t know there was such a job as a rehab assistant.  I just fell into the job, and after 33 years I still love it.”

Victoria Morris — Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

Victoria Morris moved to Vancouver on a whim and hasn’t looked back.

Originally from Ontario, the registered nurse soon found a job with Providence Health Care. Five years later, she accepted the role of clinical nurse educator for the Medicine and Ambulatory Clinics at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital.

“I love that I can keep people excited about some of the new stuff that’s going on, and I also get to sit with people when they’re a little more vulnerable and asking for help,” she says.

Brian Smith, MPA − Photographer

Providence Health Care (PHC) has a secret that not many people know about. For over
thirty-two years, the basement of St. Paul’s Hospital has been the workplace of one of Canada’s longest-serving and most talented in-hospital photographers.

Meet Brian Smith − photographer, world traveler and humanitarian.

Wayne Fritz - Nurse Educator, ICU

“I’m into the unit around 7 a.m. and begin by checking in with the night duty staff. After catching up on some emails I’m ready to go for 7:30. I have a strict open door policy, people stop in and ask questions and I’m here Monday to Friday.”

Cheryl Gavin - Holy Family Hospital “A Second Home” To Retiring Nurse

“At first I began as a casual worker because my husband at the time worked at a nearby school,” says Cheryl, Registered Nurse. “But I stayed because it became a second home for me. It’s got an amazing support system. The sense of family you get is so comforting.”

Sarah Carriere - Change Specialist and Peer Nurse Immunizer

“I love educating people about medicine and health, so for me it was a no-brainer. The issue of the flu shot, and vaccinations in general, is a really hot topic so I’m looking forward to being able to give people access to good information.”


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