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Living Kidney Donor Program

The Living Kidney Donor Program supports and assesses individuals who are interested in the possibility of being a living kidney donor. The decision whether to donate a kidney is a very personal one and there is no right or wrong choice. The prospective donor should know that she or he may decline to donate at any time. The decision has to be the one that is best for the donor, and the Living Donor Team is committed to supporting the donor throughout this decision making process.

The purpose of the living donor assessment is to ensure that donation is safe for the donor and that donation will result in a safe and successful kidney transplant. The evaluation includes a collection of the donor's health history, various blood and urine tests, radiology studies, and clinical assessments by a nurse coordinator, social worker and doctors.

Living donation may be done through the Living Donor Paired Exchange (LDPE) program when a potential donor and recipient have incompatible blood groups or a positive cross match. In this program, we attempt to match donor and recipient pairs with another pair in a similar situation.

The Living Kidney Donor Program also offers the possibility for a motivated person who may wish to donate a kidney but who may not personally know any patients in need of a kidney transplant to participate in the Living Anonymous Donor (LAD) program.

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