Nicole Keay - Coordinator Recruitment & HR Social Media

Recruitment sounds like a multi-faceted role — what all is involved in your day-to-day? 
Recruitment is a busy place to live. Actually, there isn’t much downtime in HR in general.  Daily, there are postings that need to get up both internally and externally.  We are busy collecting and screening applications, advertising the roles on our Social Media channels and interviewing applicants.  We work with our leaders to guide them through recruitment processes, making salary determinations and checking references in order to get offers out and complete the hires. There are a lot of steps in bringing someone on board.    

And you recently just got hired for a new role — what does that entail?
It’s a newly created position that I am very excited about. It is a huge learning opportunity for me.  I will have a small recruiting portfolio where I will provide full service recruiting support to my leaders; advertising postings, seeking out qualified candidates and guiding them through the interview/hire process.  I will also be doing prescreens and be part of interview panels.  I will also take on all our Careers social media channels – Facebook. Twitters, LinkedIn Careers page as well as other projects that come up in Recruitment or HR that are more communications/social media related.  I am looking forward to highlighting our staff and promoting all the great work they do, creating campaigns engage our employee’s and future employee’s. 

What is it about social media, health care and recruitment that excites you?
Social Media is changing the way health organizations interact with communities and patients.  I think it’s a really exciting time to be in healthcare.  What excites me about health communications is how we take health information or research and disseminate to the public and how that information affects individuals, communities and institutions. Social Media is such a broad platform to share evidence-based health information with professional and non-professional audiences.  More people are moving towards seeking out health information through social media channels.  It’s exciting but it also poses many implications for accuracy and ethics.

How do you know when you’ve found “A Providence Person”?
That is a tough question to articulate.  In creating the ‘I heart my job’ campaign, there were so many wonderful things said about why people love working here and even just in conversations with staff in general. They all have a love and passion for the organization and the work that they do.  They believe in our mission and values and they live them daily.  You can see a passion and excitement in someone who really loves what they do and you just do they fit right in.

What’s your favourite interview question to ask someone?
My favorite question is that initial one about why a candidate wants to come work for your organization.  It may be a bit cliché because it is always asked in an interview and usually the very first question.  I love hearing the response to that question.  You can really tell how much thought and effort has been put into what the candidate knows about your organization and what that personally means to them.

What makes you heart your job?
I have had some fun jobs in the past but when I came to Providence it was different.  I joined a family and I started to really carve out a career path I was really ecstatic about. My colleagues and managers gave me nothing but support and encouragement to let me know, take on new challenges and explore what I love to do. It is dynamic and fast paced and no day is exactly the same. Providence has a unique culture, it is a special place to be and I am proud to be a part of the amazing things this organization does.

Where would you go in a time machine?
I would love to go back to the time of the early 1900’s, England, when women dressed in corsets and long gowns, gloves and hats. I think I just love the fashion of that era and could imagine myself having afternoon tea in a garden, Downton Abbey style.