Open house date set for new St. Paul’s hospital rezoning application (SPH)

A rezoning application dealing with the plan to build the new St. Paul’s Hospital and health care campus on an 18.4-acre site in False Creek Flats goes to an open house November 20.

The proposal is to change the industrial district designation on properties at 1002 Station St., and 250 to 310 Prior St., to allow for a mixed-use development. The application is being considered under the St. Paul’s Hospital and Health Care Campus Policy Statement, which was approved in June of 2017, as well as the rezoning policy for sustainable large developments.

Aside from the new hospital and health care campus, the proposal features commercial, office, hotel, institutional and limited residential uses that provide a variety of health-related support functions, according to the application. 

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Story also found on the Western Investor and the Thet Canada.