Coroners Service says B.C. must "support safer use" as the opioid epidemic kills another 100 people in February (Crosstown Clinic)

There might be no agency in British Columbia that understands the severity of B.C.’s overdose epidemic better than the province’s coroners service. Over the last five years, more than 3,800 bodies have passed through its offices in cases where the cause of death was subsequently identified as an illicit-drug overdose.

Now the B.C. Coroners Service has released a major report on the crisis. It makes three broad recommendations for how the province and health authorities should respond.

“In B.C., Providence Crosstown Clinic is the only clinic to offer medical grade heroin and hydromorphone within a supervised clinical setting to chronic substance use patients,” it continues. “The scale up of iOAT [injectable opioid agonist therapy] should be undertaken as part of a continuum of care whereby individuals would be able to step down to less intensive treatments once successfully stabilized on iOAT.”


Travis Lupik reports

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