Providence Health Care Looks At Creating Dementia Village in Vancouver

What does growing old look like? For many of us, growing older means a decline in physical capacity, and more increasingly, cognitive ability. According to current projections, 65 million people in the developed world are expected to have dementia by 2030, and then close to 100 million 20 years after that. When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, their family often goes to great lengths to keep them at home before ultimately finding a care home for them. Those care homes often do not specialize in dealing with patients with dementia, but it is often a safer alternative than the patient staying at home.

However, getting older and dealing with dementia doesn't have to look that way.   A Dutch model for seniors care – known as the dementia village in De Hogeweyk, Netherlands – will serve as the vision for a major Providence Health Care redevelopment in Vancouver.

The De Hogeweyk dementia village fosters free movement of people with dementia within a homey setting, and involvement of them in everyday activities within the household or the wider, secure neighbourhood. The former St. Vincent’s Hospital at Heather Street and West 33rd Avenue in Vancouver is the proposed site for the PHC redevelopment.

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