Private seniors’ care facilities, opponents draw battle lines on Sunshine Coast

Opponents of a proposed residential-care facility to be run by a for-profit operator on the Sunshine Coast are gearing up for a public meeting on April 30, saying they aren’t convinced the project is the best way to provide more seniors’ care in their region.

“This proposal will do nothing to rectify the chronic shortage of long-term care beds on the [Sunshine] coast,” Ian McClatchie, a member of the Protect Public Health Care coalition, said on Monday. “And we have concerns also about the quality of care in for-profit facilities [compared with] public facilities,” he added.

“From the outset, we’ve been kept in the dark about decisions that will deeply affect our loved ones – including staffing levels and the fate of the current facilities, and that has been very stressful for families.” The proposed building’s proponent insists it would provide a high level of care. The coalition sprang up last year to respond to proposed changes to seniors’ care on the Sunshine Coast. It spearheaded a petition against the project that was presented to the legislature in March.

Wendy Stueck reports

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