Providence Health Care hands out medical awards

Providence Health Care (PHC) paid tribute to an award-winning medical team during its annual general meeting. Dr. Pat Camp, Sandra Squire, Dr. Shannon Jackson, and Kam McIntosh received the 2014 Best Patient Safety and Quality award for their work which has given adult hemophiliacs new life.

“We've been celebrating across our many sites that it's 'Providence Week,'” said Dianne Doyle. It was her eighth time in charge of the AGM as president and CEO of Providence.

“This luncheon gives us the opportunity to recognize numerous Providence teams for their excellent service and accomplishments.”

The Adult Hemophilia research team had presented a paper at a conference in Melbourne, Australia, last month. Hemophilia is a rare disorder which prevents blood from clotting normally.

“How often do you work in health care with a chronic disorder and the patients (overall) are getting better and better?” Kam McIntosh asked. A patient/nurse educator at St. Paul's Hospital, she explained what the group had accomplished.

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