Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is a ghetto made by outsiders

Ask yourself if you have ever thought this:

You drive down Hastings Street through the Downtown Eastside. You see the roiling parade of stumblebums and addicts on the sidewalks, the rows of ruined buildings.

You feel disgust. Or perhaps pity. Or anger and frustration that the efforts of police, government and a multitude of social welfare agencies encamped there have, for decades, had no effect on the obvious problems you see, that this festering sore in the heart of Vancouver continues to be a sinkhole to hundreds of millions of your tax dollars.

I have felt all that myself.

But what if those problems were a matter of perspective? What if you were not looking in at the Downtown Eastside but looking out from it? What if you lived or worked there, just as you do in your neighbourhood?

Pete McMartin Reports

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