St. Paul's Hospital shuts down AIDS ward for lack of patients

St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, announced May 27 that it will shut down its dedicated AIDS ward because there are no longer enough patients to keep it open. 

Ward 10C opened in February 1997 during the peak of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Vancouver, when one person was dying of AIDS every day. 

'It was not that long ago that HIV/AIDS was a death sentence and those who came to this ward at St. Paul's were here to die,' said Dr. Julio Montaner, Director for the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS based at St. Paul's. 

'Today, ward 10C will provide treatment, support and care for those living with HIV-related issues. We have worked hard to make this day happen and I commend everyone who has supported our efforts.' 

Mike Andrew Reports

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