Is neglect of the mentally ill leading to violence on Vancouver streets?

The news is shocking. A man shot in broad daylight at a Yaletown Starbucks. Sirens wail.

Police pursue, more shots are fired as they take down the suspect outside a tourist attraction full of children. Onlookers say they've never seen anything like it.

The initial reaction: How can this happen in a place like Vancouver? But the fact is — it happens all the time. Remember Nicholas Osuteye? How about Jerome Bonneric? Mohamed Amer?

All three men were charged with the unprovoked, inexplicable, attempted murders of strangers. One — like this week's Yaletown shooting - even happened in a coffee shop full of horrified onlookers in the middle of the day.

And all three accused were found not criminally responsible for their actions because of mental illness.

Jason Proctor Reports

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