They totally ripped us apart

All June Munroe wants is to be with her husband of 64 years.

But despite a year-long struggle, she and Alex are still living in separate care facilities.

June, 80, married her now 88-year-old husband on May 6, 1950, making today their anniversary.

For June, a day that should be one of celebration, is a painful reminder she will not wake up next to her beloved husband.

“They totally ripped us apart,” June said of the health-care system. “My husband went to the hospital and they never brought him back.”

Because Alex can not walk on his own and needs a higher level of care than his wife, he was sent to Spring Valley Care Centre, while June remained at Fernbrae Manor.

“We thought we were going to do everything together for the rest of our lives,” said June.

“We always did everything together. I know he needs care and I know I can’t look after him, but we could at least be in the same place.”

Spring Valley does have accommodations for married couples, but there is currently no space.

Darren Handschuh Reports

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