Healthy aging and seniors' wellness looked at in report

Balance in well being, community involvement, social connections and choice were the key points that came out of a series of consultations with seniors held in the north last year.

Northern Health asked seniors in 13 communities at meetings held in September, October and November about what was important for optimum healthy aging and seniors' care.

“We certainly didn't hear seniors say they wanted more institutions,” said Dr. Charles Jago, Northern Health board chair. “It's a recent phenomenon that seniors want to continue to lead active lives. We know that people will need to access various levels of care as they age, but it wasn't the main focus of the discussion process.”

The follow up of the consultation process is to make sure the document is distributed widely to physicians and northern health staff as well as external partners so they can use the findings and recommendations for program planning. Not all the issues mentioned in the report can be addressed by Northern Nealth alone. Housing and transportation, for example, require partnerships with municipalities, seniors organizations and others in the community. As far as the issue of the northern climate, that might just have to be left to Mother Nature.

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