St. Paul's Hospital Redevelopment And Seismic Safety Discussed In Bc Legislature

The following exchange regarding St. Paul's Hospital occurred between NDP MLA George Heyman and health minister Terry Lake in the BC Legislature during Question Period on March 26, 2014.

NDP MLA George Heyman:

This government has been promising to make needed infrastructure improvements at St. Paul's Hospital since 2002. That's 12 years of promises made and 12 years of promises broken. When an earthquake happens, two-thirds of the hospital is at high or extreme risk of failure. The central building will almost certainly collapse into the emergency department, which will be needed in that event. Can the minister responsible for public safety tell us: when exactly will her government face up to the inevitability of an earthquake in British Columbia and take the action promised to protect workers and patients at St. Paul's?

BC Health Minister Terry Lake:

St. Paul's Hospital. I was there last week, and I just want to commend the men and women who work in that hospital and do such a fantastic job as we open the acute behavioural stabilization unit. That hospital has looked after British Columbians for many, many years, as we all know. It is in the stages of design. The business case is being reviewed. We will replace St. Paul's Hospital, unlike the NDP who were in power, who chose not to upgrade Van Tech Secondary but rather upgraded to seismically protect a liquor distribution warehouse. We have priorities on this side of the House. St. Paul's is one of those priorities, and we will make sure that it is replaced and it is held safe for the men and women who work every day in that hospital.