PHC Director Yoel Robens-Paradise comments on MModal bankruptcy

Transcript Story: Terry Bell from CKNW and Yoel Robens-Paradise from Providence Health Care discuss MModal bankruptcy.

Terry Bell: Providence Health Care is saying “not so fast” to the Hospital Employees' Union as it raises concerns over a contractor filing for bankruptcy protection in the US. PHC executive director Yoel Robens-Paradise says there will be no disruption of medical transcription services on this side of the border.

Yoel Robens-Paradise: I've spoken with the leadership of MModal Canada and the leadership of the parent company MModal in the United States and I've been assured that there will be no impact on our operations. This is something that they're doing as a voluntary process to restructure their debt. I don't expect any impact on our services.

Bell: Robens-Paradise says British Columbians medical records and patient records are also secure as they're kept in a Canadian server. He says since the contracted out medical transcription services turnaround times have dramatically improved.