How 'One-Stop' Care Lifts New Moms from Addiction

Sun streams into the bright room painted in vibrant hues of green and blue. In a messy circle of soft sofas, baby strollers and rockers, six women sit watching infants crawl at their feet and toddlers play with scattered toys. Loud laughter fills the room, adding to the cheerful ambience. Looking in from the outside, it seems the typical sort of “mom meet-up” that happens in living rooms and community centres anywhere.

But this is more than just a coffee klatch. The gathering, held at Surrey's Maxxine Wright Community Health Centre, is part of an outreach program for pregnant women and mothers with histories of drug and alcohol addiction. On weekdays over the lunch hour, women arrive to see the doctor, eat a hot meal, and meet with the mental health, infant development, income assistance, and housing support workers who comprise the 15 staff members employed here.

Alexandra Samur Reports

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