Fundraising Success Says "Bon Appetit" for Long-term Care Residents at Providence Health Care

Vancouver, December 11, 2008 — Christmas has come early to St. Vincent’s Hospital Langara with the arrival of new dishes, thanks to recent donations to Tapestry Foundation for Health Care.
The purchase of dishes is the first step towards a larger initiative of improving the dining experience for more than 700 seniors living in Providence Health Care’s five long-term care facilities.

Dining is one of the most significant activities in residential care, and at Providence more than 800,000 meals are served to residents every year. The goal of the Dining Program at Providence is to create a more inviting, homelike dining environment for residents.

“With all the medical challenges that our residents face, it can be difficult to still enjoy the experience of dining,” explained Dr. Romayne Gallagher, Physician Leader for Providence’s Elder Care Program. “Enhancing the dining environment at our sites is just one of many ways we can improve their quality of life.”

The Dining Program at Providence is the focus of Tapestry Foundation’s 19th annual Angel Fundraising Campaign, taking place throughout the month of December. Donations to the campaign are supporting purchases of new chinaware, tables and chairs, table coverings and the creation of family dining spaces where residents’ can gather to prepare and share meals with loved ones.

For more information about the Dining Program at Providence or to make a donation, call the Tapestry Foundation office at 604.877.8335. To make an Angel donation online, visit

Tapestry Foundation for Health Care was launched in April 2007 as an umbrella fundraising organization to serve and support seven hospitals and residences operated by Providence Health Care. Sites supported include Brock Fahrni Pavilion, Holy Family Hospital, Marion Hospice, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, St. Vincent’s Campus of Care, St. Vincent’s Hospital Langara, and Youville Residence. The Foundation supports these sites by raising funds for medical equipment, quality of life programs and services, and research in the field of elder care.

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