Tapestry Foundation Hits Halfway Mark in Fundraising Efforts for Life-Saving Equipment at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

Vancouver, February 6, 2008 — Recent boosts in fundraising through Tapestry Foundation for Health Care is bringing Mount Saint Joseph Hospital closer to getting a digital mammography machine for its breast care program.
More than $480,000 has been raised to date towards the purchase of the equipment valued at $750,000. Included among a number of fundraising initiatives was the inaugural Scotiabank Feast of Fortune on February 1st at Victoria Chinese Restaurant that brought in more than $90,000.

“Digital mammography will soon set new standards of care for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer for Asian and other women receiving diagnostic services at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital,” noted Mason Loh, Honourary Chair of the Feast of Fortune organizing committee. “These significant fundraising efforts through Tapestry Foundation are bringing us closer to that goal.”

Research through the University of Carolina has indicated that Asian women have higher density breast tissue, making early detection of breast cancer difficult. Digital mammography may have a significant impact in detecting cancer in Asian and other women who have higher density breast tissue.

More than 7,500 screening mammograms, and more than 5,000 diagnostic mammograms are performed annually at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital. Approximately 70 per cent of the diagnostic mammography exams are performed on Asian women.

Digital mammography allows radiologists to review images of breast tissue from various perspectives, including tomography or “slice imaging”, to provide clearer images of cancer in early stages of development. Advanced digital technology means faster service, greater patient comfort, and less radiation exposure for women who undergo diagnostic mammograms. Digital mammography will ultimately lead to more effective diagnosis and shorter wait times for diagnostic procedures.

Tapestry Foundation for Health Care supports patient and resident care at seven of eight Providence Health Care facilities including Brock Fahrni Pavilion, Holy Family Hospital, Marion Hospice, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, St. Vincent’s Campus of Care, St. Vincent’s Hospital Langara and Youville Residence. These sites offer seniors’ care, hospital and hospice care, and physical rehabilitation services within the Vancouver community. The Foundation supports these sites by raising funds for medical equipment, programs, services and research in the field of elder care.


Marianne Dupré, Communications Officer
Tapestry Foundation for Health Care
Tel: 604.877.8153
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