New Health Care Foundation Builds on Success of the Past, Provides Strength for the Future

Vancouver, April 19, 2007 - Three organizations with a long and successful history of supporting health care – St. Vincent’s, Holy Family and Mount Saint Joseph Hospital Foundations – have been merged into one. The new Tapestry Foundation for Health Care creates a stronger voice promoting better health care for patients and residents.
“I’m very pleased to announce the launch of Tapestry Foundation,” said Colleen Tracy, Foundation Chair. “By combining our skills, experience and energy we can more effectively raise funds for equipment, programs and elder care research in our facilities.”

Tapestry Foundation links together the needs of seven sites offering seniors’ care, hospital and hospice care, and physical rehabilitation services. The sites are part of Providence Health Care – Canada’s largest faith-based health care organization.

“The weaving together of foundations, sites and faith-based care was the inspiration for our new name,” said Tapestry Foundation CEO Ann Corrigan. “Tapestry Foundation celebrates life’s rich tapestry by weaving threads of care and compassion into the diverse cultures and faiths of the patients, residents, caregivers and donors within our community.”

The new organization is rooted in a legacy of compassionate care in the community that has been strengthened over the years through the support of dedicated donors and volunteers. Together, since 1981, St. Vincent’s, Holy Family and Mount Saint Joseph Hospital Foundations raised more than $35 million to improve the lives of patients and residents. Accomplishments include construction and renovation projects, purchasing of medical equipment, healthy aging education initiatives and elder care research.

Tapestry Foundation plans to serve many diverse communities across the city. This new foundation’s multilingual staff and volunteers will help donors achieve their philanthropic goals.

“Donors to St. Vincent’s, Holy Family, and Mount Saint Joseph Hospital Foundations will continue to provide valuable support through Tapestry Foundation,” Tracy added.

“It is through the generosity of these donors that we have accomplished so much for patients and residents. We look forward to building on the accomplishments of these past foundations, and achieving even more through Tapestry Foundation in the years ahead.”
Tapestry Foundation for Health Care supports patient and resident care at seven of eight Providence Health Care facilities including:

Brock Fahrni Pavilion
Holy Family Hospital
Marion Hospice
Mount Saint Joseph Hospital
St. Vincent’s Campus of Care
St. Vincent’s Hospital Langara
Youville Residence

These sites offer seniors’ care, hospital and hospice care, and physical rehabilitation services within the Vancouver community. The Foundation supports these sites by raising funds for medical equipment, programs, services and research in the field of elder care.

Contact:           Marianne Dupré, Communications Officer
                          Tapestry Foundation
                          Tel: 604.806.9522