Seniors’ Services

A range of services and opportunities to honour and support older Canadians.


Providence Health Care offer a range of residential and non-residential services to older Canadians. We are guided by a philosophy, which honours elders for their wisdom, gives opportunities to engage in meaningful activities and to connect with the community. 

To find out more about services offered in the Elder Care Clinics and Dementia Caregiver Resilience Clinic, please visit our Elder Care Geriatric Out-Patient Clinic webpage.

To find out more about end of life care at Providence, please visit our Hospice Palliative Care website.


Get the latest research and clinical thinking from our seniors experts, along with important information you should know.

The Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence is a catalyst for improving the lives of BC’s older population. Based within a health care setting, CHAP understands real-life issues in delivering care and uses a practical approach to resolve these issues. Providence’s Centre for Health Evaluation & Outcome Sciences (CHÉOS) is known for groundbreaking research that aims to improve the health of populations, including the most vulnerable. CHÉOS researchers study the care of the elderly and people who are critically or chronically ill. All of these populations require complex care that challenges the fabric of our health care system. Improved care for these populations is urgently needed.


This section will be growing to become the go-to place to find health information for seniors and their families. We also have information, educational opportunities and resources for health care professionals, members of interdisciplinary teams that provide care for older adults.

Providence has one of the largest residential care programs in the province. It’s also home to the research Centre for Healthy Aging. The experts that provide these education resources really understand the aging process and how the health care system works for seniors.


Providence Health Care hosts a variety of events and educational opportunities related to healthy aging and care for seniors for our patients, residents, families, the general public, medical professionals, scientists and the media.

Search the PHC calendar to view upcoming events.

Visit the St. Paul’s Foundation website to view upcoming events and educational opportunities.

Search the Centre for Health Evaluation & Outcome Sciences (CHEOS) calendar to view upcoming events and educational opportunities 


St. Paul’s Foundation is a community leader caring for seniors. The Foundation supports the largest number of seniors’ care beds in the Greater Vancouver area through Providence Health Care. Funds are raised for medical equipment, quality of life programs and services, education, and research in the field of elder care. Providence sites supported include Brock Fahrni Pavilion, Holy Family Hospital, Honoria Conway at St. Vincent’s, St. John Hospice, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, St. Vincent’s Langara, Youville Residence and St. Michael’s Centre.

Quality Improvement Initiatives

At Providence Health Care, the team strives to improve healthcare given to our Long-term Care (LTC) residents and one way that we do this is through various Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives. 

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