Yasmine Roulleau de La Roussière—administrative fellow

Written by Evan Duxbury

Leaders in health care are a complicated bunch. To be effective, most need a clinical background paired with a business acumen. In PHC’s administrative fellow position, Yasmine had a chance to develop both, and work with some of the experts: PHC’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Growing up in Vancouver, Yasmine worked as a community psychiatric nurse but kept finding herself falling into various leadership positions, even as senior as executive director roles.

I did quite well in those positions, but I felt like an impostor. Despite the results and the encouragement, I felt stuck between the two worlds, and that I needed some formal business training.”

After entering the Executive MBA program at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia and obtaining her Certified Healthcare Executive Discipline, she joined PHC for the first time filling a temporarily vacant operations leader position in PHC’s Mental Health Program.

After some time away from health care, Yasmine rejoined PHC as the administrative fellow. The year-long position gives the candidate an inside look at PHC’s Senior Leadership Team and a chance to drive strategic projects.

PHC’s SLT is an incredible collection of talented leaders, but I was surprised to see how humble they are. As my formal mentors, both David Byres, vice president, Acute Clinical Programs, and David Thompson, vice president, Seniors Care and Clinical Support Services, helped me take a more long-term approach to my strategic planning and taught me about the significance of nurturing relationships. With mentorship from everybody in SLT, this fellowship has outlined what I need to do to get to the executive leadership level.”

This is a position that is relatively uncommon in Canada, and may be one of a kind in BC. Yasmine feels that it’s more than a position, but an indication of PHC’s values. “People say PHC is ‘different,’ but nobody can put their finger on why that is. I think the difference is the supportive environment from the very top. PHC pumps people up instead of letting competition tear them down.”

When asked if she had any advice for future fellows, she had this to say: “Choose a project that lets you be bold, be creative, listen, learn, shine and show your skills. Everybody has weaknesses and strengths. Don’t underplay your strengths and don’t fear your weaknesses.”

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