Shelley Browne—Health Information Management

Written by Evan Duxbury

If you’ve visited a hospital in the Lower Mainland, you’ve met a member of the Health Information Management (HIM) Team. The registration staff members greet you and ensure that your information is captured correctly, and the records management staff are the custodians of your health record who ensure that your personal health information is complete, secure and available to health providers across the province. Shelley Browne is the director for records management and registration, East and she’s excited about where HIM is headed.

There’s a myth out there that HIM employees just push paper around, but the truth is that we’re so much more. We’re very much a part of the healthcare team and contribute directly to healthcare delivery.”  HIM employees work in both paper and electronic information environments and are very active on the Clinical & Systems Transformation design stream working on implementing a fully electronic record at PHC, VCH and PHSA. Document imaging technology will be utilized to ensure that any documents that are not electronically created will still become part of the patient’s electronic health record.

HIM is integral to BC’s healthcare operations at every level. Records management and transcription play a significant role in the capture, storage and distribution of health information. The data that comes from the Coding Department is used by the Canadian Institute for Health Information to make health research, funding and planning decisions while the Registration Department greets patients and registers them to care facilities across the province, adhering to strict data quality standards.

Shelley is proud of her team’s achievements, but she’s also looking forward to the future of HIM.

 “We just finished implementing a state-of-the-art Bedside Registration Model in partnership with the Surrey Memorial Hospital Emergency Department. This allows patients to begin receiving care first and worry about getting registered second.”

 “New technology and more efficient ways of doing things are having a big impact on our industry. Many of our sites are implementing document imaging technologies to help us move to electronic records. We’re also looking at implementing self-registration kiosks (like at an airport) and empowering our staff to keep improving the work we do through the Lean Methodology.”

The Lean Methodology is an approach that combines analytical tools and a philosophy of continuous improvement to streamline operational processes.

The benefits of consolidating under PHC are really starting to show. Standardizing our processes has allowed us to take the best from each health authority, and it means that the improvements we’re seeing from Lean are being realized across all of our sites.”

HIM is hiring, with many opportunities across the Lower Mainland. If you’re interested in learning more about what HIM has to offer, please visit our careers page.

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