Release Of Information & Registration Clerk

Work Area: 
Records Management - Forensic
Base Site: 
Regular Full Time
Job Category: 
Health Information Management
Acute Care Hospital
Mental Health


Reporting to the Coordinator, Records Management & Registration, or designate, the Release of Information/Registration Clerk performs a variety of release of clinical information and registration duties related to the registration of Forensic Psychiatric patients in accordance with specific provisions of the Forensic Psychiatry Act, the Mental Health Act and the Criminal Code of Canada, FOIPPA and in accordance with established policies and procedures. Duties release of clinical information in accordance with policies, procedures, legislation and standards in the retrieval, severing, photocopying/scanning, electronic/paper distribution of health care documentation/reports. Responds to requests from internal/external sources for information regarding confidentiality and release of information policies and procedures; attends to legal requests for personal information and other related requirements. Performs registration of patients from referrals, data entry of patient and provider information, tracking, maintaining, and updating information regarding patient legal and medical status, assisting with completing patient documentation, and scheduling appointments. Performs statistical duties such as the daily census, bed counts, patient movement, waitlist information and occupancy rates by methods such as collecting, checking, compiling and summarizing data clerical support duties such as typing forms and lists using word-processing and/or spreadsheet software at an intermediate level. Prepares patient charts, answering inquiries, sorting, filing, photocopying and faxing. Provides information regarding patient admissions/discharges to internal/external source in accordance with established procedures and performs other related clerical duties as required.


Knowledge of medical terminology.

Ability to keyboard at 45 wpm.

Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

Ability to deal with others effectively.

Ability to operate related equipment.

Ability to organize work

Physical ability to carry out the duties of the position.


Grade 12, successful completion of courses related to release of information and two (2) years of recent, related experience or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.


Answers inquiries regarding requests for patient/client information by reviewing medical records, and determining information to release. Provides information to requestors such as WorkSafe BC, other hospitals and physician’s offices by performing duties such as receiving requests; ensuring consent and authority to access the requested information is received and valid; following up with initiator of request where clarification or authorization is required; retrieving records and recording location in system, reviewing the records for accuracy, copying/compiling the requested information and forwarding information via appropriate method of delivery (e.g. photocopy, scan, mail), in accordance with established policies and procedures, and provisions within legislation such as the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA). Records are severed as required and invoices are prepared as appropriate. Refers unusual requests to Manager/Coordinator or designate.

Maintains and updates release of information records using a computerized system; enters request information such as date of request, patient/client name, chart number, requester and date released. Provides statistical reports as required using computerized software as required.

Processes legal requests for personal information including certification of documents by performing duties such as numbering pages and completing and signing required standard form in accordance with established procedures. Represents organization to verify document authenticity as required.

Ensures Authorization to Release Information form is acquired prior to releasing information when such authorization is required in accordance with policies, procedures, legislation and standards.

Answers general inquiries or inquiries related to departmental procedures by phone or in person. Contacts external providers or agencies to obtain or relay information as required. May respond to internal and external queries related to release of patient information.

Processes and updates patient admissions, discharges and returns by receiving referrals from the Courts, Correctional Centres, and Regional Forensic Clinics. Receives required documentation, prepares initial file and enters patient and/or provider data into Cerner system in accordance with established procedures. Maintains registers of admissions, leaves, discharges and of true involuntary patients.

Tracks and updates the legal status throughout the patient’s admission in the system and liaises with utilization nurse, unit and others as applicable.

Obtains and performs searches for Personal Health Numbers and MSP eligibility and records this information in Cerner at time of admission as required. Searches Health Establishes responsibility for services by determining citizenship/residency status of patient via various sources including social worker, patient, researching file information. Notifies MSP of all patient admissions and discharges to obtain/cancel coverage, notify of address changes, billing issues, and request new or replacement care cards.

Assigns psychiatrists including contracted psychiatrists/psychologists to new admission and dangerous offender assessments in accordance with established policy and procedures.

Processes Mental Heath Act forms by completing demographic and physician information portions of the consent for treatment forms and distributes to applicable physician/Medical Director/Director for signature. Maintains a current database by entering and updating data for all detention renewals and completes Mental Health Act forms within the timelines of the Mental Health Act. Processes and distributes Review Panel notices to FPH staff.

Compiles, prepares and maintains information from different areas of the hospital to ensure accurate patient movement, bed counts and legal status and information is completed on each 24 hour shift such as nursing unit reports; nursing staff; admitting staff and social workers, etc. using Cerner Midnight Census Review and Nurse Unit Census reports and the previous midnight census. Updates Cerner and databases and back-up systems. Tracks different leave types including court leaves, hospital visit leaves, Review Board conditional discharges and returns, Review Board absolute discharges, unauthorized absences/returns, discharges using applicable software applications. Notifies the appropriate nursing units of corrections required in the Cerner system.

Prepares new binders for units including assembling documentation, labelling, copying and filing materials. Prepares main patient file for Records Management department including assembling documentation and filing materials.

Researches, checks and compiles patient legal status and Mental Health Act status changes and patient movement including admissions, discharges and leaves to and from the community.

Compiles waitlist information for VP of Medical Affairs and Research and BCMHSUS Strategic Information Management from the ADT system to update the waitlist reports by legal status on a daily basis.

Notifies Review Board of Review Board client admissions (NCRMD and Unfit), conditional discharges, returns from conditional discharges, absolute discharges, and unfits discharged to court.

Compiles, checks, and maintains, statistical information to prepare monthly statistical reports for BCMHSUS Strategic Information Management including patient days, bed counts, occupancy rates by unit, waitlist counts Letter to Court timelines, etc. Compiles and maintains statistical information on an ad hoc basis upon request from BCMHSUS Senior Leadership.

Performs clerical support duties such as preparing doctors schedules, maintaining patient information lists using word-processing and/or spreadsheet software at an intermediate level, distributing forms, attending meetings, taking informal notes, arranging for patient pick-up/transport, and sorting, filing, photocopying and faxing materials.

Provides input to Manager/Coordinator on procedure manuals and efficiency improvements for the area.

Participates in the department Continuous Quality Improvement Program by conducting activities such as auditing the chart deficiency systems; assists with policy and procedures by providing input to the Manager/Coordinator or designate.

Demonstrates own work procedures to co-workers as required.

Performs other related duties as assigned.