Health Care Epidemiologist

Work Area: 
IPAC at Hornby
Base Site: 
St Paul's Hospital
Regular Full Time
Job Category: 
Management/Non Union
Acute Care Hospital


Reporting to the Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC), and to the IPAC Team Leader for administrative issues, the Health Care Epidemiologist Officer is a key member of the IPAC Team and is responsible for leading the establishment, maintenance, and analysis of Providence Health Care’s (PHC) infection surveillance systems. Other responsibilities include investigation of hospital-associated outbreaks, evaluation of infection control interventions, and translation of surveillance data into institutional policy.


Demonstrated methodological skills in the analysis and interpretation of epidemiological data. Familiarity with infection control practices and standards. Demonstrated knowledge in the design, implementation and/or evaluation of surveillance systems. Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate with staff at all levels within the organization, both verbally and in writing. Ability to foster collaborative and effective working relationships that promote cooperative goal achievement and contribute to an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. Demonstrated leadership qualities, effective interpersonal skills and ability to work within a multidisciplinary environment. Demonstrated ability to work independently under pressure and in collaboration with others. Demonstrated analytical and statistical skills. Demonstrated knowledge of applied epidemiological methods. Demonstrated knowledge of statistical and data management software systems. Physical ability to carry out the duties of the position.


Masters degree or PhD. in Epidemiology, Public Health or related discipline plus five (5) years recent related experience in health care and/or public health or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.


Leads the establishment, development and implementation of surveillance systems for healthcare associated infections across PHC. Assists the Medical Director, IPAC and supports the IPAC Team in establishing and implementing policies and guidelines for infection surveillance and case investigation. Manages data collection, analyzes data, interprets results and creates regular surveillance reports. Prepares the IPAC annual report as required. Communicates surveillance data to members of the IPAC Team and other stakeholders (e.g., laboratory, public health, etc.). Participates in the investigation and control of infectious disease outbreaks. Participates in applied epidemiological research, including evaluating interventions in order to enhance current infection prevention and control strategies. Fosters and maintains positive, collaborative and effective interdisciplinary working relationships with hospital and medical staff. Maintains an awareness of current infection control literature related trends and issues through literature review, contact with peers at other organizations, attendance at seminars, workshops and educational programs. Applies published research findings to clinical practice. Performs other related duties as assigned.