Director Strategic Recruitment and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Work Area: 
Strategic Recruitment and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Base Site: 
Hornby Street
Regular Full Time
Job Category: 
Management/Non Union


Reporting to Executive Director, People, the Director, Strategic Recruitment, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) is accountable for strategic oversight and direction of PHC’s recruitment and EDI workforce portfolios. The Director works collaboratively with clinical and corporate leaders, team members, and other key stakeholders to define, implement and support the achievement of PHC’s strategic goals, objectives and plans as they relate to the recruitment of talent into the organization. Uses a comprehensive understanding of PHC’s business priorities and the ability to translate these into a talent acquisition strategy for the organization. This includes overall leadership of talent acquisition programs, employer branding, social media, campaigns and events, and delivery and enhancement of technological tools and systems.
The position directs a range of workforce and workplace equity, diversity and inclusion activities and programs and partners with various organizational teams to provide education and entrench EDI concepts into our organizational systems and practices. This includes imbedding these concepts in our sourcing, hiring, and promotion practices to ensure the organization attracts and retains a more diversified leadership and workforce. Supports the development of an inclusive culture by encouraging diversity of thought and experience and inviting constructive and challenging opinions. This position will act as an agent of change to help navigate EDI practices and processes throughout the organization. Working closely with medical leadership EDI lead, the Director will plan and implement training and education opportunities for staff and medical staff of PHC.
Provides oversight to the Recruitment and EDI workforce teams through direct supervision of the team within the portfolio. Oversees the implementation of policies and procedures and ensures compliance with human resources standards, collective agreement(s), and government and regulatory requirements. Ensures service agreements with PHC customer departments are established. Oversees and reviews key performance target and indicators, ensures timely and effective responses to customer concerns and incorporates customer feedback, industry best practice and research. Develops, in conjunction with the Executive Director, the operating and capital budget for the area, recommends allocation of resources, and prepares business cases to support new and existing initiatives and services. Attends meetings and represents PHC on regional and provincial committees related to workforce scheduling and related services. Key relationships include PHC Clinical and Corporate service leaders, People Services, Communications, Indigenous Reconciliation, Medical Affairs, Professional Practice, Organization Development, and other partner health authorities and organizations.


Proven ability in developing, building and executing Recruitment and EDI strategies and plans.
Intersectional knowledge and understanding of issues of; sexism, misogyny, racism, cissexism, transphobia, heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia, xenophobia, ageism, ableism, classism, White supremacy, anti-Black racism, colonialism, and settler colonialism.
Demonstrated knowledge of leading practices, policies, processes and evaluation tools in equity, diversity and inclusion.
Demonstrated knowledge of human resources practices, legal, and regulatory requirements in the recruitment and equity, diversity and inclusion fields.
Commitment to developing an inclusive workplace culture and passion for promoting diversity within the workplace.
Demonstrated project planning, implementation and management skills, knowledge and experience.
Strong critical thinking and analytical skills.
Evidenced change and transformative ability to lead, plan, direct, implement, organize and problem solve.
Demonstrated ability to work diplomatically and persuasively to establish and maintain effective work relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
Demonstrated ability to manage budgets and staff resources and to provide direction and guidance to staff.
Demonstrated commitment to the value of continuous learning.
Ability to work under pressure, prioritize workload, and meet deadlines.
Demonstrated presentation, facilitation, and teaching skills including the preparation of instructional and procedural documents.
Ability to productively use spreadsheet, word processing, database software and other relevant computer software applications.
Physical ability to carry out the duties of the position.


A level of education, training and experience equivalent to a Masters’ degree in Human Resources, Business Administration or other relevant field, plus ten (10) years of progressive work experience in recruitment including experience in equity, diversity and inclusion program development, preferably in a unionized work environment. Life or work experience and commitment to working with and supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of colour), women, trans, Two-Spirit, gender non-binary and non-conforming people and communities).


Works collaboratively with the Executive Director and others across the organization to formulate, implement, and evaluate strategic plans, goals and objectives for Recruitment and EDI consistent with PHC’s strategic plan and the mission, vision and values.
Oversees the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for recruitment and retention of a more diverse workforce including plans to increase/promote hiring of staff from minority/marginalized groups and Indigenous communities, into PHC staff and management and leadership roles.
Directs the development of innovative and effective talent acquisition programs ensuring the incorporate of best practice and leveraging of technology in our all our practices such as sourcing, referrals, interviewing, testing, orientation and onboarding. Strives to create practices that enhance the candidates’ hiring experience to ensure that candidates from minority/marginalized groups and Indigenous communities feel welcomed, valued and included.
Monitors changes in the turnover, labour market, legislative and/or education and training initiatives and the potential impacts on the PHC workforce, including staff from minority/marginalized group and Indigenous communities. Provides reports and briefings to PHC leadership and develops strategies and tactics to address these developments and to ensure that EDI goals for the recruitment, retention and promotion of staff from minority/marginalized groups and Indigenous communities are met
Promotes the development of strong customer relationships with customer department/programs and identifies opportunities for improvement through regular contact with senior clinical and corporate leaders. Encourages dialogue and provides advice and guidance to facilitate resolutions of issues.
Engages with and enrolls partners across the organization, including senior leadership team members, to ensure understanding and engagement within the EDI workforce / workplace strategy and program’s intent, philosophy, outcomes, accountability, and measures of success.
Coordinates consultation to senior leaders, managers and supervisors on designing, implementing and enhancing department-wide and organization-wide objectives related to equity, diversity and inclusion in employment and in the workplace.
Works with Organization Development, Professional Practice and others to ensure EDI is integrated into the organization’s overall learning and education programs, including employee orientation, clinical, corporate, and leadership/management programs. Advances the EDI strategy to educate leaders to have a high level of EDI competence.
Ensures EDI is integrated into PHC’s recruitment, talent development, performance planning, advancement and retention programs so that the organization’s talent development processes result in equitable and accessible recruitment, and retention and a pervasive feeling of inclusion.
Ensures that service level agreements are established with customers and that appropriate communication is provided to ensure that the agreements are understood and adhered to by all parties.
PHC Recruitment and EDI workforce and workplace policies and procedures and ensures compliance with human resources standards, collective agreement(s), legal, government and regulatory requirements and industry best practice.
Represents PHC in internal and external meetings and committees related as required. Communicates regular with external leaders/partners, vendors, other health care employers to discuss and coordinate joint initiatives and exchange information.
In collaboration with team members and PHC partners in Operations and Finance, reviews, establishes and monitors Key Performance Indicators, including EDI Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Performance Scorecards for services with the portfolio.
Oversees designated staff by providing support, consultation and guidance to staff, establishing clear definitions of responsibility for each employee, reviewing assignments and adjusting work to ensure levels meet operational requirements. Monitors performance, provides ongoing feedback and completes reviews of staff. Investigates work and staff issues and where necessary initiates disciplinary action up to and including termination.
Develops and manages the associated capital and operating budgets including developing budget forecasts, allocating resources, monitoring expenditures and reporting on variances.
Keeps abreast of new initiatives, developments and trends in Recruitment and EDI through literature review, contact with peers at other organizations, industry leader groups, professional associations and attendance at seminars, workshops and education programs.
Performs other related duties as assigned.