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Promise, St. Paul’s Foundation Magazine

Promise magazine provides updates and in-depth features on the innovative, and world-leading care, research, and teaching happening at St. Paul’s Hospital and other Providence Health Care hospitals and long-term care homes in BC.

In this latest edition of Promise, you’ll read about how we’re underpinning our ambitious goals with teamwork, a spirit of intrapreneurship, and, of course, our deeply-entrenched culture of innovation.

You’ll see how our new Clinical Support and Research Centre will become a hub for health care innovation with global impact; how we’re pushing forward with a compassionate, resident-centred model for seniors in long-term care at the Comox village; how we’re channeling a year of learning and leadership in our COVID-19 and pandemic-related initiatives; how we’re developing and leveraging bold new partnerships; and how we’re transforming the lives of British Columbians living with hearing loss.

Each story is a celebration of our resilient and resourceful people, our inspiring new campus, and our collective commitment to improve care and outcomes for patients, their families, and our communities across the province.

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