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St. Paul's hospital to host workshop on innovative health apps

Ever wonder how it feels to experience the world as someone with autism? Well, there’s a game that can simulate exactly that.

Auti-Sim, a game currently available for free online, was created by a developer, designer, and early childhood educator in Vancouver. Set in a virtual playground, the game allows users to see and feel what childhood play is like for someone with the hypersensitive hearing that can result from autism.

No hospital beds - Public letter

I'm currently in Vancouver at St. Paul's hospital with my 78 year old dad and my 73 year old mother who ended up here for valve replacement on her heart and a vein transplant on her leg.

Dad and I are staying in a nearby hotel and my parents have been here for 28 days. My sisters and I are taking turns helping out because my dad also needs someone around.

Strides being made in fight against MS

Pat and Gerry Wilson remember the phone call they received 11 years ago, informing them that their 24-year-old son was going into a Northern B.C. hospital for steroid treatment after losing sight in his eye.

“He had virtually gone blind,” Gerry said. “He had to receive a three-day treatment in one eye.”

After being referred to St. Paul’s Hospital closer to home in Surrey for further tests, Pat’s maternal instinct kicked in and she knew she had to be there with her son.

“I had this inkling that this was bigger than what we thought it would be,” she recalled.

Letter to Health Minister on Status of St. Paul's Hospital Reconstruction

Spencer Chandra Herbert, Vancouver-West End MLA  wrote a letter to Hon. Terry Lake, Minister of Health on April 24th. The subject was St. Paul's Hospital and specifically the redevelopment of the Hospital. The full letter can be read at the link below.

Click here to read the full letter 


St. Paul's patient says he thought he was stabbing devil

A B.C. judge says there's little hope a man found not criminally responsible for plunging a knife into a stranger's chest can be reintegrated into society.

In a B.C. Provincial Court decision last week, Justice Gregory Rideout said Mohamed Amer believed his victim, Terrence Skaley, 71, was the devil when he stabbed the man outside a Vancouver coffee shop in 2012.

According to the court, Amer missed Skaley's heart sac by one millimetre and after being arrested appeared confused that the victim wasn't dead.

Michael Mui Reports

St. Paul's Hospital Redevelopment And Seismic Safety Discussed In Bc Legislature

The following exchange regarding St. Paul's Hospital occurred between NDP MLA George Heyman and health minister Terry Lake in the BC Legislature during Question Period on March 26, 2014.

NDP MLA George Heyman:

Doors open at St. Paul's Hospital mental health emergency unit

Photograph by: Jason Payne , PNG

Nine beds, seclusion rooms, and safety measures such as doors with unbreakable glass and bathrooms free of anything that patients can harm themselves are part of a new unit at Vancouver's St. Paul's Hospital for people with severe mental illnesses or addictions.

The acute behavioural stabilization unit is part of a government promise to address what Vancouver police have described as a mental health crisis in the city.

Health Minister Terry Lake comments on St. Paul's Hospital redevelopment

Click here to watch the entire episode. Forward to 17:00 to watch the part specific to St. Paul's Hospital

FULL TRANSCRIPT FOLLOW: SHAW Voice of BC 13-Mar-2014 19:00

Dr. Ian Courtice: “Roy Romanow was asked, after the Romanow commission — which is ten or 15 years old now — what was the biggest challenge to health care. That answer, for him, was leadership — there needs to be better leadership in health care.”


Wisconsin hospital flips hierarchal care model to better serve patients

Photograph by: Nick Procaylo, PNG Files , Vancouver Sun

When a Wisconsin hospital decided to blow up its model of care, administrators started with the premise that patients would be the captains of the ship, doctors would be mere experts, nurses would be care managers, and pharmacists would take on larger, more visible roles.

And free valet parking would be offered for patients and their visitors.

The paradigm shift began in 2004 when hospital executives realized that their old model was broken because it didn’t put patients at the core.

St. Paul's Doctor one of three winners of Inaugural "Dermatologist from the Heart" Program

La Roche-Posay is excited to announce the first winner of its “Dermatologist from the Heart” program in Canada, launched in partnership with La Fondation La Roche-Posay.


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