Dr. Evan Wood

Dr. Evan Wood from St. Paul's Hospital discusses addiction in the brain

How do opioids affect the brain and body?

Dr. Evan Wood, an addiction specialist at St. Paul’s Hospital, compares the deluge of dopamine that floods the brain after a hit of heroin to the blip the brain would get from a naturally pleasurable experience — a cold glass of water on a hot day, a satisfying meal, sex — to be a ratio of about 1,000 to one. “That’s not an exact number, but it gives a general sense of how intense the feeling is,” he explains.

A Letter to Canada’s Minister of Disease?

Dear Rona Ambrose, As a member of the federal government, you are currently titled Canada’s Health Minister. I question the accuracy of that nomenclature.

Vancouver’s New Addiction Medicine Training Program Gets International Nod

Tracey Morrison has had bad experiences with emergency room doctors in the past – she’s even been kicked out without treatment – but she’s hopeful that the new addiction medicine training program at St. Paul’s Hospital will make a difference.

Harper should embrace safe-injection sites: They’re the law-and-order option

As an internal medicine physician who works in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and as a researcher who was responsible for the evaluation of Vancouver’s Insite supervised injecting facility, I have been confused by how entrenched the federal government’s opposition to safe-injection programs has become in recent days – despite the clear support of the Canadian Public Health Association and the Canadian Medical Association. Read more

Youth on DTES twice as likely to experiment with intravenous drugs: study

A new study has found that youth living on Vancouver’s drug-riddled Downtown Eastside are twice as likely as at-risk youth in other neighbourhoods to experiment with intravenous drugs.

BC-CfE’s Dr. Evan Wood named Canadian Research Chair in Inner City Medicine at UBC

Dr. Evan Wood, a University of British Columbia (UBC) professor and co-director of the Urban Health Research Initiative at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BC-CfE), has been appointed the Canadian Research Chair in Inner City Medicine at UBC. The Government of Canada announced Dr. Wood’s prestigious appointment at the University of Toronto as part of a national announcement of chairs across Canada. The announcement included a regional event at the Vancouver office of James Moore, PC, MP, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages.

Dr. Thomas Kerr and Dr. Evan Wood win CIHR research milestones award

Two BC-CfE researchers have been honoured with a prestigious public health award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Dr. Thomas Kerr and Dr. Evan Wood, co-directors of the BC-CfE's Addiction and Urban Health Research Initiative, received the inaugural Population and Public Health Research Milestones Initiative Award for their outstanding contribution to developing Canada's research base for harm reduction and health equity approaches to HIV prevention and control.

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