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Vancouver addicts get prescription heroin (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Vancouver addicts get prescription heroin.

Vancouver prescribes heroin to heroin addicts (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

A shipment of prescription heroin to be administered to 120 addicts arrived this week in Vancouver, Canada. This will be the first time in North America that heroin addicts are given the drug outside of a clinical trial, The Globe and Mail reports.

CBC News Vancouver at 6 (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

CBC News Vancouver at 6 with host Andrew Chang.

Report: Vancouver offers heroin prescriptions for 1st time outside of clinical trial (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Vancouver health clinics are offering prescriptions of heroin to a few severely addicted individuals around the city, becoming the first city in North America to do so, CBC reports.

Hospital visits due to substance abuse up 63 per cent in Vancouver area (Dr. Evan Wood, St. Paul's Hospital)

Hospital visits attributed to alcohol and drug abuse increased by 63 per cent in the Greater Vancouver area over just four years ending in 2013, and visits to St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver for substance abuse increased by a whopping 89 per cent over the same period, according to provincial government figures.

The National for November 26, 2014 (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Welcome to The National, the flagship nightly newscast of CBC News, hosted by Peter Mansbridge.

Today, Vancouver becomes the first North American city to prescribe heroin to addicts since the drug war began (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

The United States poured a century's worth of hysteria and bad policy into ginning up the drug war.

Prescription heroin offered in Vancouver outside of clinical trial for 1st time (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Vancouver has become the first city in North America where prescription heroin is offered to addicts outside of a clinical trial.

Prescription heroin begins for Vancouver addicts in North-American first (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Vancouver doctors are set to administer prescription heroin to about two dozen addicts this week, marking the first time in North America that people have been treated with the narcotic outside a clinical study.

Prescription heroin (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Vancouver to become the first city in North America to offer prescription heroin to people with a severe addiction to the drug.


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