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New addiction medication Vivitrol studied in Vancouver (BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)

A new drug that could dramatically improve outcomes for people who are addicted to opioids or alcohol is being tested in Vancouver.

B.C. urged not to enforce new federal prostitution law (BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)

More than a dozen community groups have signed a letter urging B.C.’s Justice Minister to establish new guidelines that say it is not in the public interest to prosecute individuals under the country’s new sex worker legislation.

Canada's new sex-work laws ramp up risk for workers (BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)

Bill C-36 came into effect on December 6, and already sex-work advocates and researchers are seeing negative effects on sex workers’ health and safety.

Plans to reopen Riverview create hope for Downtown Eastside (St. Paul's Hospital)

The B.C. government has plans to reopen parts of the old Riverview Hospital to increase mental health services for the province.

Some mental health services to return to Riverview hospital, minister says (Dr. Michael Krausz, Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences)

New mental health services will be part of a re-imagined government plan for the old Riverview mental hospital next year, says B.C.’s housing minister.

Drugs policy in Canada: Local heroin (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

The people queuing up at the Providence Crosstown Clinic are pioneers of a sort. They are heroin addicts whose habits have resisted conventional treatment.

Vancouver doctor warns of hepatitis C "tsunami" among baby boomers (Dr. Julio Montaner)

The doctor who’s been at the forefront of B.C.’s pioneering, globally imitated battle against HIV and AIDS for the past three decades is now turning his attention to another looming heath crisis — an estimated 80,000 people in B.C. infected with hepatitis C.

Vancouver addicts get prescription heroin (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Vancouver addicts get prescription heroin.

Vancouver prescribes heroin to heroin addicts (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

A shipment of prescription heroin to be administered to 120 addicts arrived this week in Vancouver, Canada. This will be the first time in North America that heroin addicts are given the drug outside of a clinical trial, The Globe and Mail reports.

CBC News Vancouver at 6 (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

CBC News Vancouver at 6 with host Andrew Chang.


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