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Canadian doctors' treatment for extreme heroin addiction? Prescription-grade heroin (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Doctors in Vancouver are administering 120 severe heroin addicts with legal doses of the drug this week, marking the first legal dosage of heroin outside of clinical research in North America.

Vancouver gives addicts prescription heroin treatment (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Vancouver has reportedly given prescription heroin to addicted patients and they are the first country in North America to do such a revolutionary treatment program.

Vancouver is first North American city to give addicts prescription heroin treatment (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Vancouver is now the first North American city to offer prescription heroin to severely addicted patients in a ground-breaking treatment program.

Vancouver clinic to offer prescription heroin to addicts (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

How do you help drug addicts? One city in North America plans to supply them with prescription heroin. Yeah, that exists. According to The Atlantic on Sunday, clinics in Canada have gained the permission they needed to finally get addicts into a program where heroin is the answer.

Prescription heroin soon to be available from Vancouver addictions clinic (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

After a B.C. Supreme Court battle pitting long-term heroin addicts against the federal government, prescription heroin will soon be administered from a Vancouver addictions clinic.

Doctors cleared to prescribe heroin to Canadian addicts (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Doctors at Providence Crosstown Clinic are to become the first medical staff in North America allowed to prescribe medical grade heroin to addicts.

Prescription heroin to be given to addicts for first time (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Prescription heroin will be given out to addicts for the first time in Canada this week.

Vancouver addicts to receive prescription heroin in North American first (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

A group of Vancouverites with severe opiate addictions will finally receive prescription heroin this week, the first time the drug has been administered in North America outside of a clinical trial.

Controlled fix: Canada starts prescribing heroin to drug addicts (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

Doctors in Vancouver, Canada, have become the first medics in North America to administer prescription heroin to drug addicts.

Vancouver to begin prescription heroin trials (Providence Crosstown Clinic)

The city of Vancouver, B.C., Canada will soon experiment with providing prescription heroin to addicts.


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