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HIV/AIDS specialist advocates sweeping approach to battle against hepatitis C (Dr. Julio Montaner)

Could hepatitis C be the next communicable disease to come under a targeted attack in B.C.?

At-risk youth mental health centre opens in Vancouver (Inner City Youth Program, St. Paul's Hospital)

A multi-million-dollar centre for street youth who are homeless or at risk of homelessness opened Wednesday in a joint announcement between the Ministry of Health and St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation.

Grand opening of the Granville Youth Health Centre

Youth who are vulnerable and homeless or at risk of homelessness are being provided with a stepping stone to help them back on the right path with today’s grand opening of the Granville Youth Health Centre.

Youth Health Centre (Inner City Youth Program, St. Paul's Hospital)

A centre has opened in downtown Vancouver to help at-risk young people get back on the right track.

Wide range of services for troubled young people with opening of Granville Youth Health Centre (Inner City Youth Program, St. Paul's Hospital)

At 23, Alex Mann-Kuefler dropped out of college and ended up in the Downtown Eastside.

Granville Health Centre aimed at helping youth (Inner City Youth Program, St. Paul's Hospital)

The provincial government and St. Paul’s Hospital have opened a new centre aimed at young people who are trying to get off the streets.

Homeless in Vancouver: Fentanyl, overdoses, and the Fairview neighbourhood (St. Paul's Hospital)

At least 29 of the overdose deaths in Vancouver from street drugs in 2014 have been linked to the increasingly common practice on the part of some drug dealers of cutting street drugs with fentanyl, a ridiculously potent synthetic opioid.

Justin Trudeau tells UBC students he wants supervised injection sites across Canada (BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has reaffirmed his support for an expansion of supervised injection services across Canada.

Aboriginal people hugely over-represented in Vancouver youth seeking mental-health and addiction services (Inner City Youth Program)

A business plan drafted by Providence Health Care provides a rough snapshot of the mental-health and addiction issues prevalent in downtown Vancouver’s homeless and at-risk youth.

In Vancouver, working so mentally ill get care instead of a cop (Dr. Bill MacEwan, St. Paul's Hospital)

The night before Jim Chu’s first day as Vancouver police chief, a constable on the force shot and killed a 39-year-old bipolar man at a busy intersection on the edge of the city’s downtown.


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