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Health Canada speeding up access to prescription heroin, methadone (Crosstown Clinic)

The Liberal government is relaxing restrictions around two opioid substitution treatments, reducing administrative delays and barriers to drugs for patients as the country’s overdose crisis worsens.

New opioid treatment clinic coming; core communities likely location (Dr. Scott MacDonald)

A new clinic giving access to a drug similar to prescription heroin is likely heading to Edmonton’s inner city. 

Train healthcare providers and reduce stigma to tackle opioid crisis, says B.C. doctor (Dr. Evan Wood)

This week, the federal government announced that it would make a $231-million investment to address the opioid crisis nationally, as part of the Liberal government's budget.

We should treat heroin like other prescription drugs (Crosstown Clinic)

Every morning, Kevin Thompson takes a short stroll from his apartment to the Crosstown Clinic, where he signs in, gets his prescription medicine, then sits in a small room and injects it before heading off to work.

‘Unique internationally’: Vancouver sees widespread and frequent contamination in illicit drugs (Dr. Michael Krausz)

Vancouver’s drug supply has become increasingly contaminated according to a recent UBC studypublished by Dr. William Honer, signalling a growing risk for both regular and recreational users.

Drug addiction should be health issue, not criminal (Crosstown Clinic)

Canada is currently in the midst of an opioid overdose crisis.

Are drug dealers who mix fentanyl into heroin serial killers? (Dr. Scott MacDonald)

Aiyanas Ormond with advocacy group the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users says Olsen’s comparison “really misses the mark.”

Crystal methamphetamine: the 'elephant in the room' on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

Crouched on the wet floor of the Overdose Prevention Society's trailer on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, Cody Waldner talks about the first time he got high on crystal methamphetamine.

For opiate addiction, study finds drug-assisted treatment is more effective than detox (Dr. Bohdan Nosyk, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)

Say you’re a publicly-insured Californian with an addiction to heroin, fentanyl or prescription narcotics, and you want to quit.

EDITORIAL: Best waylaid plans (Crosstown Clinic)

The fentanyl crisis in B.C. is getting worse.


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