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Critic blames lack of drug choice for dropout rate from B.C.'s opioid substitution programs (Dr. Michael Krausz)

Record numbers of opioid addicts entered drug substitution programs in B.C. last year, but only one third stick with treatment for 12 months, according to a report issued by the provincial health officer.

B.C. NDP and Liberal opioid crisis plans short on details, say critics (Dr. Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes)

NDP leader John Horgan did not talk about the public health emergency that is killing three or four people each day in British Columbia when he revealed his party's platform last week.

Mayors' task force calls for national standard on overdose death data (Crosstown Clinic)

Mayors from 13 cities across Canada are calling for a national standard on the collection and sharing of data on overdose deaths along with medical treatment for addiction.

Family doctors key in B.C. fight against fentanyl (Dr. Scott MacDonald)

A tag hanging from a dead man's left toe says the cause of death was an overdose of fentanyl, “unknowingly taken with other drugs.”

From opium to opioids: A look at British Columbia's illicit drug history (Dr. Thomas Kerr)

Hundreds of British Columbians have died from overdoses in recent months, but the powerful painkiller fentanyl isn’t the first drug to spark a crisis in the province. Here’s a look at British Columbia’s history with drugs.

Q and A: Dr. Thomas Kerr on the challenges for Vancouver's supervised injection site in its early days

Calgary’s police chief is backing calls for a local site where drug users could consume substances under medical supervision. Roger Chaffin said preliminary discussions are underway about what a supervised consumption site in the city will look like. He added that police will work to ensure that community members feel safe.

Matt Robinson: Our prejudices are contributing to B.C.'s opioid crisis

It’s hard to visualize how large a group 922 people really is.


Family doctors being trained to combat opioid crisis (Dr. Scott MacDonald; Cheyenne Johnson)

A tag hanging from a dead man's left toe says the cause of death was an overdose of fentanyl, “unknowingly taken with other drugs.”

The cadaver draped in a white sheet is displayed in transit ads funded by the Vancouver Police Foundation and represents 922 people who died in British Columbia from drug overdoses last year alone.

Camille Bains reports.

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Downtown Eastside residents mark health-emergency milestone with call for names of the dead

One year has passed since the B.C. government declared a public-health emergency in response to a sharp rise in drug-overdose deaths.

Memorial wall for overdose victims erected on DTES

Almost a year after British Columbia’s chief medical officer announced the province was in the middle of an opioid crisis and facing a public health emergency, a memorial wall for people who have died of an overdose has been erected on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Tuesday morning.


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