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'Mom, I would like you at my grad': The call that turned 1 addict's life around

My journey began in 2014 when I made the decision to change my life.

‘The worst agony of my life to absolutely normal’ (Dr. Mark McLean)

B.C. is leading the way on the use of suboxone to treat opioid addiction, but progress elsewhere has been slow and uneven

Vancouver residents get first peek at the future of False Creek Flats (The new St. Paul's)

Vancouver residents are getting a clearer picture of what the future False Creek Flats area may look like. 

Keeping Vancouver safe: VPD plans for next five years

Reducing demand for harmful drugs, working with St. Paul’s Hospital to help people with mental health issues and making better use of technology are just three of the Vancouver Police Department’s goals for the next five years. - See more at:…

Vancouver to reveal draft plan for 450-acre False Creek Flats (The new St. Paul's)

The public will get a sneak peek Wednesday night into the future of Vancouver’s False Creek Flats – a 450-acre light industrial swath in the heart of the city.

Used needle danger on the rise at hospital (St. Paul's Hospital)

Vancuover's drug overdose epidemic is posing a risk to people who don't even use drugs, with needles showing up in all kinds of places.

Gay sexual health study challenges misconceptions about online sex-seekers (BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)

In the age of hookup apps like Grindr and the rise of the post-gay identity, it can be a challenge for organizations trying to figure out what's the best way to get the word out about sexual health.

New heart health study at St. Paul's (Dr. Jiri Frohlich)

The timing for St. Paul’s Hospital’s Healthy Heart Program couldn't be better. Researchers at St. Paul’s are recruiting patients for a study to determine whether a diet high in cholesterol-busting fibre and plants, coupled with exercise, can reduce the size of artery-clogging plaque and lower other risk factors for heart disease.

B.C. experts gauge bottom line of new drugs (Dr. Wei Zhang)

With arcane concepts such as paramaterized economic models, descriptive and inferential analysis and bias sensitive propensity scores, health economics is a uniquely demanding field. It’s no wonder most industry specialists have a litany of peer-reviewed, journal-published studies to their names, and resumés bristling with abbreviations like PhD, MSc, and MEc.

Taking a closer look at detox and cleanse claims (Tanya Leung)

It’s very common in the new year that people are tempted to try a detox or cleanse, but are they sustainable? Registered dietitian Tanya Leung has advice and alternative healthy eating practices.


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