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Four people pepper sprayed at St Paul’s Hospital

Four people injured after screaming man deploys pepper spray inside St. Paul’s Hospital

VANCOUVER—Four people have suffered minor injuries after a screaming man deployed pepper spray inside St. Paul’s Hospital on Monday afternoon.

Dave Lefebvre with Providence Health Care says the man walked into the main entrance at about 4 PM, screaming about something, and set off the spray.

Amy Judd reports

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Crazed man armed with pepper spray forces closure of St. Paul’s Hospital lobby

The main lobby of St. Paul’s Hospital was shut down for about an hour Monday after a screaming man deployed pepper spray inside the hospital, injuring four people.

Dave Lefebvre of Providence Health said a man entered the downtown Vancouver hospital’s front doors shortly after 4 PM, started screaming, then sprayed either pepper spray or bear spray into the air before fleeing the hospital.

Cheryl Chan reports

Paul Terry: driven to succeed

At first blush, Phemi Health Systems sounds a bit like one of those startups from HBO's Silicon Valley that have developed yet another health-care app that promises to make the world a better place.

But take a peek under the hood and it is instantly apparent that this is no ordinary startup, but one with some serious entrepreneurial horsepower and business bona fides behind it.

 Dominic Schaefer reports

The end to hospital visiting hours: a mixed blessing?

Hospitals across BC are letting visitors drop in on patients 24/7 now. Is that always a good thing?

Pamela Fayerman reports

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Providence hospitals remove restrictions on visiting hours

Photograph by: Bill Keay , PNG

Loudspeaker announcements signalling the end of visiting hours are now a thing of the past at St. Paul’s Hospital and all other Providence Health Care facilities, which are now welcoming visitors 24-7.

Providence’s 16 acute, rehab and long-term care facilities are believed to be the first in B.C. to drop visiting-hour restrictions. Other hospitals and health regions are considering doing likewise.

No more visiting hour restrictions at Providence hospitals

You now have the freedom to visit your loved ones in whenever you want at certain Metro Vancouver hospitals.

Providence Health Care facilities is scrapping visiting hour restrictions.

Nurse Shannon Parsons was the lead on bringing in the change.

“The family presence policy is just one component of a culture of care that’s changing at Providence Health, and how much we’re committed to family and patient-centred care, and we’re fully committed to it as an organization,” she tells us.

Martin MacMahon Reports

Handheld ultrasounds at St. Paul's Hospital

Staff at St. Paul’s Hospital are pioneering the use of handheld ultrasounds.

Elaine Yong reports

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St. Paul’s hospital staff are first class people

I was at St Paul’s Hospital’s emergency room due to a urinary infection. I waited four hours writhing in pain.

Once I was admitted every single staff member was professional, kind, and caring. This was especially true in acute care, where my treatment was first class.

I wasn’t just someone lucky; as I watched, a few patients were particularly difficult, but the staff displayed extreme patience and exceptional care and attention. They went out of their way to be kind at a time we were in need and most vulnerable.


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