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Frontline staff medical studies

Frontline medical workers are receiving funding for a number of health studies, and the results are already improving the lives of patients.

Elain Yong reports

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More help coming for addictions services training in British Columbia

In November 2013, the provincial government created a mental-health action plan to “reduce barriers and service gaps, and support evidence-based solutions for patients with severe substance use addictions and mental illness.”

Stroke of Luck

Jacques Lalonde is trying to reach his thumb to his pinky. Just more than a year after suffering a stroke, that’s one of the daily exercises the 51-year-old performer is doing to regain mobility in his right hand. Lalonde’s record for touching his two digits without fumbling or stopping due to exhaustion or frustration is five times in a row.

Experimental heart surgery survivor to throw ceremonial pitch

A Comox woman who was one of the first people to have her broken heart fixed with an experimental surgery has been asked to throw the first pitch at an upcoming Vancouver Canadians baseball game. Sharon Daly, 67, is nervous about winding up at the Nat Bailey Stadium August 14, but she has already overcome a much bigger challenge—surviving a new kind of bovine valve operation six years ago.

“Oh my gosh! Not me,” she said, describing how it felt to be told her heart problem meant she might have just three to five years to live.

Wife donates kidney to husband of 30 years

Greta and Terry Picard from Nanaimo have been married for three decades.

But eight years ago Terry’s kidneys started failing and he had to go on dialysis, desperate for a kidney donor.

Just when it looked like there was nothing on the horizon, Greta decided to get tested to see if she could be the one.

Turns out she is.

“When you go years and years of not being able to do the things that you’ve always done, play tennis, swim, walk, run, I mean just, work, when you’re not able to do those things, it’s trying,” said Terry.

Amy Judd reports

How Julio Montaner set the standard for AIDS treatment

Julio Montaner’s medical breakthroughs have helped save millions of lives. Many were inspired by one simple piece of advice from his father.

Dr. Montaner’s dad was a noted pulmonary specialist and expert on tuberculosis, which was a problem in their native Argentina. Julio Gonzalez Montaner told his son to treat the stubborn respiratory disease with a combination of drugs—one alone was not enough.

St. Paul's takes on interns

Monday, August 11, 2014: A new medical program is giving inner city kids from Dallas the chance to learn from heart and lung researchers at St Paul’s Hospital.

Elaine Yong reports

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New website aims to dispel stigmas around mental illness

Jude Swanson tried to kill himself by jumping in front of a SkyTrain at the Stadium station nearly two decades ago.

Emergency responders gingerly rescued him from under the train and he spent several hours undergoing life-saving surgery at St. Paul’s Hospital.

What followed was many months in care, first to address his physical wounds and then to get control of his depression.

With his suffocatingly low self-esteem, Swanson felt so badly about his failed suicide attempt that he thought to himself, “Boy, I can’t even kill myself right. I managed to screw that up.”

Pervasive medical errors put focus on patient safety, conference hears

At one of the best hospitals in the world, a nurse’s mistake led to the death of Leilani Schweitzer’s toddler, Gabriel.

A well-intentioned Stanford University Hospital nurse turned off the constantly beeping alarms on the monitoring equipment attached to Gabriel’s body so that his mom sitting beside him could get some uninterrupted sleep. The problem was, when his heart stopped in the middle of the night, no one knew it.

Patient-centred care

Friday, August 8, 2014: An international conference on patient and family centred care hit Vancouver this week.

Elaine Yong reports

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