St. Paul’s Hospital

Drug crisis: More training for doctors caring for addicts (Dr. Annabel Mead)

As the province struggles with the on-going opioid crisis, more training is becoming available to help doctors treat those dealing with addiction.

Survivors of fentanyl overdoses often suffer devastating brain damage (Dr. Delbert Dorscheid)

While many lives have been lost to the fentanyl crisis, those who are fortunate enough to survive an overdose often suffer serious brain damage with little chance of making a full recovery.

'Finding my miracle': Communities give back after CTV Vancouver story

On a chilly day during December’s “snow-pocalypse”, I travelled to Port Moody with double my body weight in yarn donated by Metro Vancouverites.

2016 in Review: Vancouver and B.C.'s fentanyl crisis

If there was any doubt about the existence of a fentanyl crisis in 2015, there was no denying it in 2016. By the end of November there had been 755 overdose deaths in the province.

Addiction experts discuss solutions to opioid overdose crisis

According to new numbers released by the B.C. Coroners Service, November was the deadliest month on record for the province with 128 fatal overdoses — bringing the year's total to more than 750 deaths. 

'I was dead for 10 minutes': Vancouver's opioid overdose crisis

In Vancouver, on Dec. 13, nine people died of drug overdoses. Those nine deaths in a single night are part of an ongoing trend.

Stronger opioids straining supply of life-saving overdose antidote in Vancouver ER

Emergency room doctors and nurses in Vancouver suspect a drug originally used to tranquillize elephants might be the reason they've had to drastically increase their supply of a life-saving opioid antidote.

Downtown Vancouver ER is ground zero of opioid overdose crisis

“Somebody's overdosing in the bathroom!” Geri Platko, 62, yells from a public washroom in St. Paul's Hospital.

Opinion: B.C.'s health authorities at 15: Big change pays off

It was 15 years ago, on Dec. 12, that B.C.’s then-health planning minister Sindi Hawkins announced a sweeping change in the delivery of patient care in the province.

Opioid crisis seems to be getting worse in Vancouver

Vancouver's mayor is hosting a public forum Thursday as BC's opioid crisis seems to be getting worse.


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