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Perkins+Will team wins Vancouver hospital job

Providence Health Care has hired Perkins+Will, Sterling Planning Alliance and Farrow to do programming and conceptual design for a new St. Paul's Hospital and campus on Station Street in Vancouver. They will work with stakeholders on design, size and types of facilities needed to house future programs and services on the 18.5-acre campus in False Creek Flats.

PHC Selects Design Team For New St. Paul’s Hospital

Providence Health Care (PHC) has selected the design team ofPerkins+Will, in association with Sterling Planning Alliance(Sterling) and Farrow for the development of a business plan for the new St. Paul’s Hospital and integrated health campus in Vancouver, Canada.

Marijuana rally ‘necessary’ despite legalization promise, activist says (St. Paul's Hospital)

Optimism mixed with thick clouds of pot smoke in downtown Vancouver last year as tens of thousands of people gathered for the annual “4-20” marijuana legalization rally under a massive banner featuring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s face on a rolling paper.

Warning issued ahead of Vancouver's annual 4/20 pot event

Vendors should card anyone under the age of 25 and limit sales of cannabis products that can be eaten or inhaled to buyers aged 19 and older, a medical health officer at Vancouver Coastal Health told protest organizer Jeremiah Vandermeer last week in an email obtained by The Vancouver Sun. 


Health official warns moderation at 4/20

A warning for those planning to take part in the 4/20 pot smoke-in this Wednesday.

Perkins+Will and Farrow team selected to create indicative design for St. Paul’s hospital

Providence Health Care (PHC) has selected Perkins+Will, in association with Farrow and Sterling Planning Alliance, as the team to undertake a key step in the development of a business plan for the new St. Paul’s Hospital and integrated health campus on Station Street in Vancouver.

Carnegie Action Project report cites higher rents on Vancouver's DTES (The New St. Paul's)

Low-income and vulnerable residents on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside continue to face fewer affordable housing options, according to a recent report from the Carnegie Community Action Project. 

Dead teen Patricia Lee 'Indigo' Evoy lacked support, say friends

Another First Nations teenager has died while receiving help from the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development — the third to die in three years.

Watch the Colorectal team on Global News

Watch the full story here

(skip to minute 28:48)

Vancouver team aims to improve COPD treatments (Dr. Don Sin)

It’s been 12 years since Bill Koeninger was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – a lung disease better known as COPD.


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