St. Paul’s Hospital

B.C. wants federal crackdown on fentanyl trafficking to fight crisis

Overdose deaths have climbed to such an urgent level in British Columbia that the province needs help from the federal government to deal with a public health emergency, Premier Christy Clark says.

St. Paul's offers safe option for desperate mothers

Since the spring of 2010, St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver has offered mothers in crisis who feel they are unable to care for their babies a safe alternative to abandoning them in the streets.

New cardiac arrest treatment aims to triple survival rates (Dr. Brian Grunau, St. Paul's Hospital)

A trial of the protocol, called ECPR, is being conducted by St. Paul’s Hospital and B.C. Emergency Health Services, and involves a rapid, co-ordinated response with specially trained paramedics and the cardiac team.

Cardiac resuscitation trial at St. Paul’s Hospital the first of its kind in Canada

Photo credit: Ermin Badzak

St. Paul’s Hospital and BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) are conducting a landmark trial that could increase the survival rate of seemingly healthy people who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital setting.

New treatment for cardiac arrest on trial in Vancouver

A potentially groundbreaking trial in cardiac resuscitation has launched at St. Paul's Hospital.


B.C. study aims to triple survival rate of cardiac arrest patients (St. Paul's Hospital)

When Genya Kaplun suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in the West End, it took doctors three and a half hours of CPR to save him. Under normal circumstances, he would have been pronounced dead at his house.

Automatic CPR tested at St. Paul’s

A new trial being conducted at St. Paul’s Hospital using automatic CPR devices is being hailed as having the potential to greatly increase the survival rate of individuals experiencing cardiac arrest away from the hospital.

St. Paul’s Hospital tests new life-saving heart attack protocol (Dr. Brian Grunau)

Valentine’s can be a day of heartache for some. But for Genya Kaplun, it’s the day his heart stopped entirely.

Two concepts considered for new St. Paul's Hospital at False Creek Flats

Planners with Providence Health Care are considering two layout and design concepts for the new replacement facility for St. Paul’s Hospital at the False Creek Flats near Chinatown in Vancouver.

Providence Health Care looks to future

One of the largest Catholic health care organizations in Canada is honouring its past as it looks to the future.


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