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Just how bad is all that sugar for your heart? (Dr. Scott Lear)

Still nibbling Valentine's Day goodies? Munching packaged cereals, pancakes or muffins for breakfast? Enjoying a lunch of processed meats and bread, sweetened pasta sauce, or even a salad drenched in dressing?

National Addictions Awareness Week: battling addiction (Dr. Seonaid Nolan)

This week is National Addictions Awareness Week. Dr. Seonaid Nolan, a St. Paul’s Hospital addictions physician, joins Global News Morning to talk about why it’s important to raise awareness this week.

Lights of Hope celebration includes fireworks, choirs, hot chocolate

The public is invited to celebrate the return of the Lights of Hope to St. Paul’s Hospital this Thursday, Nov. 16, which includes the lighting of more than 200 stars and 100,000 sparkling lights spanning the equivelant of 10 kilometres.

These foods will lower your risk of heart disease (Karen Mornin)

Low-fat or low-carb? Butter or margarine? Avocado oil or coconut oil? Bombarded with contradictory media reports on the ever-changing landscape of nutrition research, it’s difficult for anyone to know which fats and other foods they should eat, and in what quantities.

B.C. doctor says Canadian-led heart valve surgery will ‘blow people’s minds’ (Dr. David Wood)

A Vancouver cardiologist has presented details of a revolutionary heart valve surgery to thousands of doctors from around the world and says the minimally invasive procedure will “blow people's minds.”

St. Paul's Hospital innovation: new genetic testing for familial hypercholesterolemia (FH)

Centre for Heart Lung Innovation investigator Dr. Liam Brunham is doing genetic testing on patients with familial hypercholesterolemia. It's part of a study on the effectiveness of genetic testing to diagnose and treat FH.

BC doctor revolutionizes heart valve replacement (Dr. David Wood)

A Vancouver cardiologist is unveiling a revolutionary heart valve surgery. It reduces recovery time from months to a just a few hours. And Dr. David Wood says not only does his technique spare patients a massive operation, it saves the health care system money. Robin Gill has more on the remarkable new procedure.

Vancouver's Downtown Eastside changing with development (new St. Paul's)

Fraser Stuart looks at a chic, new tattoo shop metres away from the heart of Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside and shakes his head.

Vancouver doctor unveils procedure that could revolutionize heart surgery (Dr. David Wood)

 A Vancouver doctor says open-heart surgery could be a thing of the past.

Daily Poll: Is it too early for Christmas decorations?

It’s not even Halloween yet, but it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Metro Vancouver.


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