Seniors’ Care

Updated Simulated Community Helps Holy Family Hospital Rehab Patients Transition Home

A one-of-a-kind rehabilitation experience in British Columbia, featuring a grocery store, gas station, ATM and parked car, has been given new life by donors.

Tapestry Foundation CEO Impassioned by Personal Experience to Improve Quality of Life for Dementia Patients and Families

Imagine living in a world where your loved ones and friends are oftentimes alien to you, where you shift between planes of past memory and present reality, and find yourself trying to run away from the place you call home.

Mount Saint Joseph Hospital Offers New Cardiac and Seniors Services

Seniors and heart patients now have access to much needed cardiac testing and outpatient seniors services, thanks to a new clinic at Providence Health Care’s Mount Saint Joseph (MSJ) Hospital.

In The Bloom At Brock Fahrni

More than two years in the making, the Brock Fahrni garden renewal project was received with great anticipation from residents

A Small Device With A Big Impact

The Pocketalker, a small amplification device the size of a mini tape recorder, is a good example. The device is attached to a set of headphones worn by residents, and a microphone allows the speaker’s voice to be amplified through the headphones


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