Seniors’ Care

Caregivers experience high stress levels

Living in smaller communities such as Powell River often means extra worries for unpaid caregivers looking after elderly spouses or parents, according to a senior’s advocate.

Super senior study looking for volunteers (Dr. Denise Daley, St. Paul's Hospital)

Vancouver’s favourite big band leader suspects there are several reasons for his longevity. 

Opinion: There is hope for a better future in caring for the elderly (Tapestry Foundation for Health Care)

We’ve all heard troubling statistics about aging, statistics like these from the Alzheimer Society of Canada: Between two and 10 per cent of cases of dementia begin before the age of 65, and the risk of developing dementia doubles every five years after 65.

Researchers study ‘super seniors’ for clues to their longevity

Rare healthy old people like musician Dal Richards, 97, may lack disease susceptibility factors, researchers say

2014 Poppy Campiagn was a big success (Brock Fahrni)

Editor: On behalf of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 21 Langley, I would like to thank everyone who made this year’s Poppy Campaign such a wonderful success.

Guest editorial: Too many drugs can cause harm (Dr. Rita McCracken)

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, especially when it comes to prescription drugs. Advances in pharmacology have brought huge benefits in treating and preventing disease and in extending life, but when used improperly or to excess, medications can result in more harm than good.

Many BC seniors prescribed multiple drugs despite risks: report

BC doctors are continuing to prescribe multiple medications to seniors even though research suggests doing so can be harmful, a newly released set of statistics show.

The Therapeutics Initiative, a group that provides independent assessments on the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals in BC, came to the conclusion after reviewing data from PharmaNet.

Cindy E. Harnett reports

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St. Michael’s receives sizeable donation

Residents of a Burnaby care home can look forward to more outings, entertainment and special events thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers who recently donated $12,000 to the centre.   

Undiagnosed delirium may pose costs to seniors, health care system

Clinical experience reveals that family members can play a part in detection.

Enzyme discovery holds promise for treatment of chronic wounds

Researchers at Providence Health Care have discovered an important clue toward a potential treatment strategy for chronic wounds. “One of the main problems affecting hospitals are non-healing skin wounds in elderly patients, obese patients, cancer patients, diabetics and pressure ulcers in quadriplegics. These wounds take a really long time to heal,” said Dr. David Granville, one of the researchers on the project.


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